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  5. "quvHa' DuraS; molor rur."

"quvHa' DuraS; molor rur."

Translation:Duras was as dishonored as Molor.

March 20, 2018



Someone should go through the course looking for the {quv} = “honorable” error. I have seen it in two sentences so far in the similes section.


vItI'pu'. latlh vInej. latlh Datu'chugh, ghoja'.


This one classed "dishonoured" as a typo.


Already fixed in the background; perhaps it'll take a day or so for the additional translation to be "live".


Thanks. Replied to the last one before reading this one, thanks for letting me know to wait.


No problem -- I had no idea how quickly changes go into effect, so your comment was a data point to the effect of "not instantaneously".

If it's like the tips and notes, I'd give it a few hours before worrying, but it shouldn't take more than a day.


Um, I entered "Duras is as dishonoured as molor" just now and it still seems to claim the "dishonoured" is a typo.


I see what happened -- I only changed some of the alternatives. Sorry about that.

Now hopefully all of them should accept either spelling.

(At the expense of some sentences showing the learner that "another correct answer" is the exact same sentence -- but we have that in many other sentences as well, and the effort to remove that would be considerable in some cases so I just live with it and hope learners will, too.)

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