How do you use que in sentences? I get confused because I see sentences( can’t think of one) that use que out of nowhere. I remember that it’s used in clauses but how do you tell when there’s a clause?

March 20, 2018


Que has many different uses and is a supporting word in a sentence often used for clarification or emphasis. Often used as "what"

This site will help

A clause is simply a thought that contains both a noun and a verb.

A sentence can be made up of one clause

"He is eating a sandwich", Eat(v) + Sandwich(n)

or multiple related clauses

"I like learning languages / so / I signed up for Duolingo"

Learning (v) + Languages(n) / Sign up(v) + Duolingo(n)

So if I said he read while I wrote it would be il lisait QUE j’écravais

No. For "while" in this sentence you would need "pendant que" or "tandis que".

"que" generally translates to "that" and is generally left out of English sentences:

"The woman I saw was very beautiful."
"La femme que j'ai vue était très belle."

"I think you're right."
"Je pense que tu as raison."

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