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Just one quick question...

How long would you think it would take to be able to have a simple conversation in Japanese if I begin to learn Japanese with Duolingo 20 minutes a day?

March 20, 2018



Honestly, if your only learning resource for Japanese is DuoLingo, I doubt you would ever reach that level of profiency.

Unless you count a simple exchange of greetings or asking someone a basic question to be a "simple conversation".

And you can reach that level much faster using a phrase book.

DuoLingo Japanese provides a foundation, but you will need to expand your studies beyond this app to reach conversational level.


Alright, I think I'll go and look for some more Japanese learning resources, I'm also going to Japan in the summer of 2019.

Also, thanks for the advice.


i have absolutely no answers to your question, i'm just here to compliment you on that beautiful profile picture


I'd normally downvote your comment but I am in awe as well.


I'd be better if you took a real fat grammar book with plenty of examples sentences along with Kaiwa ( Conversation)


I would still use duolingo but defiantly another resource, youtube has been really helpful to me Japanese pod 101 is fairly good too, to be fair although I have't been on it for years.

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I think it is a long and winding road

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