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How do I go back to the old exercise

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Today when I open duo home page, there was a message on top of the page showing something like "want to level 2 " or so.

I did clicking and then am in the new home page. I have tried several exercises, and found these exercises were very basic.

I want to finish the remaining ones of level 1, but cannot find how to go back. For this, I have had French level 20, fluent level 66, and 66 golden of total 78 lessons. All the non-golden exercises are those needing improvement. I really wish to do those exercises and to reach all golden.

Any help please? Thanks a lot

March 20, 2018

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There is also another problem with the new leveled exercise. I have seen the round area was circulated by a golden circle as I progressed with the exercises; but as soon as I finished ALL of this lesson, the golden circle disappeared and the page does not show any differences. If I keep doing the lessons, I will not recognize which ones I have finished and which ones are not yet.

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