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Finished the Korean course!

After 78 days (and a dropped streak somewhere in there..), I’ve finished the Korean course!

Honestly, a huge thank you to the contributors. It’s awesome to have finally finished one of the most requested course sets here on Duolingo. I did alpha test for Korean last August, and the course has improved a lot since then with acceptable answers and such. I’ve sent in about 50 error reports, and half of them have been corrected (other reports may have been erroneous, and I sent in a lot today as I completed the last six skills). The tips and notes were very helpful, and as I review the course and keep every skill maxed out, I’ll pay even closer attention so that I can weed out careless errors during the lessons.

I kept my resolution this year by finishing the Korean course, and now I have my motivation back to review on the site again. :) French will be my next conquest over the summer, after I reach level 25 in Korean. It feels very good to be somewhat literate in a language I’ve been hearing for years lol!

March 20, 2018



Ill just give you lingots, cuz I have 275..


I have 364 >< You can take them back x 3! Thank you!


Congratulations!!!!! it is amazing that you stuck with it!!!


Thank you! :) Just a bit of motivation, and a lot of determination..


축하 해요. 저도 듀오링고 수업 끝냈어요.


감사해요. :) 그리고 축하해요!


wish I'd seen your post first. I've just posted about my problems with some sounds being so similar - not giving up though - well done for finishing and good luck with your next course


Thank you!

Drilling the different sounds helped a lot. Drilling meaning several thousand XP of Basics 1-3 for a couple days. That helped me with singular recognition, but now I need a good month of working with the words themselves.

What's been really good for me lately is actually saying the sentences out loud when they come up: especially the keywords of the sentences. It's nice to hear the computer say them, but if you know the pronunciation rules of Korean, I would definitely go ahead and let the sounds roll of your tongue. My brain is making greater associations. :)


Just like English, one sound can be spelled more than one way. Korean has two cases of this. What sounds like English "way" without the final "ee" sound, is spelled three different ways. There are also three ways to spell "e" (short English vowel). We are learning the modern Seoul dialect. Some people, depending on linguistic background, could have trouble distinguishing some consonants. I can give you pointers on those if you're interested.


AH I finished like 4 days ago, but I dropped my score of 92?? ANyway it feels so good, but I still need help


Nice work!

How would you compare your Korean skills before and after taking the course? What types of other resources did you use?



Before was definitely sub-A1. I was used to the sound of the language and knew the alphabet so I could read it, and maybe knew a couple hundred words, but that was it. Knowing the grammar rules through Talk To Me In Korean didn't really help me, as I didn't have the vocabulary. So, I was glad to start the Duolingo course.

Now, I can actually form basic sentences and talk about my day with friends (who are also learning Korean). I've been studying so much that I have to catch myself from mixing Korean into my Spanish conversations, because those words are easier for me to remember from my daily study sessions. I can understand a lot more of what I hear, and get the gist of conversations, rather than just knowing that 'Hey, I think that was a verb ending!' So, I would say I'm currently somewhere between A1 and A2, and I'll be A2 after I absorb all the vocabulary taught in the course. I don't see myself reaching intermediate level from here right now.

As said before, I used TTMIK, but I would definitely suggest it for after course completion now. Same for howtostudykorean (but that's just for vocabulary and basic knowledge of grammar as well...I don't really trust the sentences). I read a lot of Korean because of the people I follow on various social media sites (their captions and conversations), and I listen to music, radio shows, interviews, etc. I think I'll try watching Train to Busan without English subtitles soon as well..


I also have to go back and pick up the vocabulary but I'd rate myself between A2 and B1. Speaking to Koreans live really improved my ability. TTMIK and HTSK actually helped me understand Duolingo MORE as I was using it mobile-only.

Good luck with Train to Busan subtitle-free.


Definitely using other sources will help. I chose to go through the course alone, as I've done many others on different accounts, and never really used Duolingo by itself. Kind of wanted to see how far it would get me (though of course I wasn't truly starting at base zero, I didn't really use the language so it was pretty close).

Different strokes for different folks! The grammar instructions on the other sites just didn't help me until I actually had the content words to back them up from here. :)

Thanks! I'll watch it sometime in the summer, and try to translate some stuff for a friend in the meantime.


Hey here a question, I Have been using all those website you mentioned, but well why dont you trust in how to study in korean? it is because i wanted to print all the info that is there, thanks


My congratulations, that's perfect. Almost complete my expensive conquest (almost level 25). Keep it up. Your number of languages will increase each day as you practice. What satisfaction you aspire to when you finish and just have to check. lol

I'm almost at your level, to finish some languages here .. good luck and success in your direction.


Thank you!

Yes, there's an odd sense in being able to 'relax' with a language, and work on reinforcement alone. I'm really taking this year to go back to my roots, so by the time I graduate I can be fluent in at least one of my previous languages, and have some conversation fluency in a couple of others.

Buena suerte también. :)


Felicidades. Yo espero también terminarlo pronto. Saludos.


Muchas gracias. No dudo que puede alcanzar su meta. ¡Suerte!


now that you have completed korean, i recommend "The Memories of Murder" to you; it's a south korean thriller, you shall have a nice time, buena suerte :)


Ooh, ¡gracias por la recomendación! Me gustan mucho las películas de suspenso. :)


I envy you right now


Wow, congratulations!! That's awesome!


ha.. i'm kind of confused on a few things as i am too learning Korean....a little help?


Hope you revisit Korean, too. It's been a year and there are a few changes. A special thanks to Ash as one of the contributors to Korean from English.


Yes! Thanks @AshFred!!!


Wow! Congrats! That is a big accomplishment, any tips for me?? People please follow me on here, I'll follow you back!


Actually, it was the only thing I've dreamed of all this time. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us ... to see if anyone has completed the Korean course in this app.


Annyeonghaseyo! Chuka-hae nae chingu!!!!!.... I can't wait to be where you're at. Learning the Korean language is not easy by no means. Just reading your post is so encouraging and uplifting, that I look forward to reach your level. Way to go. "Jalisseo"

[deactivated user]

    Nice job! I have a bunch of friends who speak Korean so I'm trying to learn it so I can understand them better. What do you think a good rate to learn Korean is?


    Thank you!

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean by a good rate..do you mean pace? If that's the case, whatever works for you. All the languages I currently study (I'll add them back to Duolingo gradually), I have been studying anywhere from three to eight years. Language learning is a gradual process. Granted, I did take breaks for some of the languages, but consistency is the most helpful thing in the long run.


    Congrats!!! I'm very happy that you've finished the course!!! Lingot you :)


    Good for you , Way to go ! Duolingo gives me motivation which can learn about many languages everyday. My dream was going to America cuz i learned English by Duo. Now i'm in America. My next gaol is going Spain after finishing and learning spanish. Keep your strike and habit playing duolingo, and imagine what are you gonna do by learning languages, I think the best way is going or visiting that country which you learned languages`s home country..


    Thank you!

    That’s absolutely amazing, congratulations on your language and travel ! I do have plans to travel with the languages I know, we’ll see where they take me. :)


    Korea is good country :) also Japan too. They are very kind haha. Actually im korea .. haha in my opinion Japanese is more kind.. and kind..


    I've been planning to go to the Tokyo 2020 games for two years now, so it might end up being first. ;)


    You should continue your study with talktomeinkorean.com :) they also have a youtube channel. It'll keep you refreshed. Good job!



    Yep, I've been hanging around that site for a while! :)


    So true. TTMIK is one of the best for Korean from English. They have website, YouTube, Twitter, and podcasts.


    Nice! Someday I'll be there, to remember my Korean TKD master and all his "aigo".


    I just started Basics 1, and I'm already stressed! Any tips on how to read better or faster, because I find myself just staring at the words, having to sound out every single sound, and often I have to go back into my notes to find the sound for a certain character. Please help!


    I've heard it takes 14 hours to learn Hangeul--the Korean writing script. Just work on it every day: 5 to 20 minutes is enough. Look at the shapes, write the shapes: it's just like English, left to right, top to bottom. It's the newest and most scientific writing script in the world: less than 600 years old. Each letter's sound: they are suppose to represent the way you hold your mouth when you say them. Your lips move around; your throat opens up. It's fun to imagine that letter being stuck down your throat. To learn vocabulary is a much bigger task actually: try to associate a word to something already in your mind--keep building bridges and connecting the dots all in your mind. It's like hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree: where are you going to put it?


    14 hours? We learned it in one class period. What takes lots of hours is all the vocabulary and listening skills. :)


    Keep it up. Do bit by bit.

    It's Okay to repeat earlier lessons. Use the website's QuckTips. Write down new words and phrases onto notecards. Or on pictures.

    Move on, but always review earlier until they seem "easy". Yes, that will happen.


    Do you find you can carry on conversations from your duolingo study?


    I haven't actually tried to carry a conversation since finishing the course, but it would probably be at a basic level. Most of Duolingo's current vocabulary is rather....observational in nature. I wouldn't say I know enough to give my opinions on various subjects beyond 'I like...' and 'I hate...'. So, I'll be looking to other resources for that.

    At the very least, I am extremely confident that I could ask for a restroom, taxi, bus, or order food, buy clothes, and get a hotel room.


    thank you for all you have been doing to better the course!


    Congratulations!!So i think its only me who finds it very difficult this language.I started learnin it with my sister and shes doing well and i quit cuz it looked so hard


    yaaaassss swim with the fishes




    Even though this is 4 months after your post........... 축하해요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Also, take one of my lingots even though I'm poor as hell 37 lingots :D


    Congrats! Have a lingot :3

    Btw, I'm really really curious about one thing especially. I really want to learn Korean, but I'm a little hesitant to try it out on Duolingo because I'm worried that I'll put a lot of hard work and time into finishing the Korean Tree and the result won't be what I excepted. Basically, I'm not sure what sort of fluency the Korean Tree offers (because I've previously heard people on Duolingo, saying that learning from Duolingo doesn't offer a whole lot of fluency), so I would love to hear your opinion seeing as you've finished the tree!

    So, what do you think? What sort of fluency in Korean is reachable just by using Duolingo alone?


    I studied with textbooks before I found Duolingo, so I had a basic grammar knowledge, but not much vocabulary. I have studied this language for years and just found Duo in the summer of 2018. I think you need both Duo AND some regular textbooks. The more practice you get, the more likely you are to become fluent. I finished the Duo course in late 2019, but I am still reviewing. It is very useful! Be sure to read all the little tips by clicking on the small balloon next to each skill. [The last section of skills does not have any tips.] Feb. 3, 2020.


    Yes, I completed the course in the fall of 2019 too. This Korean course is very helpful! It added a lot to my vocabulary. I am still reviewing so I don't forget everything. Feb. 3, 2020.

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