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  5. "The Klingon died."

"The Klingon died."

Translation:Hegh tlhIngan.

March 20, 2018



Quick question regarding the Tips Notes in the Pronunciation 1 Unit... It says, "the consonant l will always have at least one adjacent vowel." Is tlhIngan the only exception to this rule?


tlh is considered a single Klingon consonant. It, also, will always have at least one adjacent vowel. Though in English we write tlh with an "l" in the middle, the line you have quoted is referring to the separate Klingon consonant l, and is meant to exclude the "l" in the middle of the Klingon consonant tlh (which appears in many Klingon words). I hope that is more clear.


Ah, yes, much clearer. Thank you.

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