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  5. Uh, what am I missing, here?


Uh, what am I missing, here?

It appears to me that Duolingo is geared toward the written word only; where is the button that lets you hear the pronunciations for the words and phrases? I've completed several lessons in Klingon, but have no idea how the words and phrases sound...!

March 20, 2018



There isn't any audio for the course (yet). If there ever will be, nobody knows. Swahili doesn't have any audio yet, and that has much more speakers than Klingon.

There should be a pronunciation guide in the Tips and Notes a few skills down. I'm not sure which skill it is in, but it should definitely be there.

Hope this helps!


After a few lessons there is a pronunciation lesson that may help some. Unfortunately is still does not include audio. Audio would help a lot and we hope that we can soon convince Duolingo to put in the time and effort to add audio to the course, but for now we are doing our beta testing without audio.


There’s no audio in the course yet, but the good news is that the romanization system is entirely phonetic, so once you know how the letters and letter clusters are supposed to sound like you can pronounce any word. https://www.kli.org/about-klingon/sounds-of-klingon/


Ok, thanks folks; appreciate the replies.

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