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Dreaming in Spanish

Has anyone else dreamt in Spanish, or am I just going crazy?

March 20, 2018



I actually had a dream including mulitple languages last night. It's really interesting, right??


If it ends well.

[deactivated user]

    You don't need Spanish to be going crazy. Many crazy people don't speak any Spanish at all!

    Years ago on my first unsuccessful attempt to learn Spanish I had a dream where I was speaking Spanish fluently in a conversation and I completely understood what was being said without translating to English. That was at least 20 years ago.

    My second attempt to learn Spanish stuck well as I have been speaking Spanish daily for the last 3 years or so. It is now like the dream as I don't bother to think or translate anything to English. At all. Like in the dream.

    Since then I only had one similar dream and it was just last week. Maybe I had other dreams in Spanish but don't remember them. I think these dreams are just manifestations of your mind incorporating new knowledge.

    But maybe I'm crazy. Why listen to crazy people?


    This must be a good sign indicating that your brain is processing Spanish well.


    The dream didn't end well. I was on a plane to Mexico, and I asked the Hispanic lady next to me" Cómo te llamas" and she just stared strait ahead. I got mad and said " estás sordo !" and then the plan engine blew up and we crashed.


    I got mad and said " estás sordo !" and then the plan engine blew up and we crashed.

    Yes, of course. This happened because you should have said "eres sorda".


    (She is a woman, therefore the "a" in the end of "sorda", and being hard of hearing is something that is considered a permanent property, thus not "estar", but "ser" as the verb. ... I'm a learner of Spanish, too, so please take my words, though written with best intentions to my best knowledge, with a grain of salt.)


    I will try to remember that while I sleep : ) Got it : )


    No problem. I appreciate the help


    That sounds funny! estás sordo

    I've dreamed a few times in English and once in French.


    That is a wild dream. Maybe your brain is working so hard learning Spanish that your brain is on overload? I'm not sure really, but keep up the Spanish!


    I have had some dreams in Spanish. My favorite one was where I spoke to an old man and I got stuck trying to say something and he corrected me. Duh! That was ME correcting me.

    So weird how the subconscious brain works.


    I've dreamt I was in Spain again. (facepalm)


    I did about a week ago! I can't remember what I was saying, but I do remember doing it right :)


    In dreams, you will sometimes try things which you want to do but are afraid to try in real life!


    Funny story. I have been attempting to learn Spanish for several years but in bursts. One time while in boot camp after one of these bursts, I was told I was speaking Spanish in my sleep. Although the roving guard, someone who walks around while the rest of the company sleeps, didnt speak spanish he was able to identify the language. I do not normally talk in my sleep and have never had another report of the same.


    We had a Spanish foreign exchange student last year and my brother was up late and heard him talking in his sleep in Spanish really quickly. My brother says I just mutter in my sleep.

    I wish I dreamt in Spanish though.

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