Translation:I am the youngest one in the family.

8 months ago


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Why is it not "la más joven" if a female is speaking about herself? This lesson on superlatives seems to indicate that gender should match in these cases: https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/super

4 months ago


Spanish: Yo soy El (masculine) más joven..

Yo soy LA ( female) más joven..

English I am the youngest girl/ boy in the family . I suppose

The youngest one - el o la más joven. ¿La camisa roja o la ( camisa) azul? The red shirt or the blue shirt.? ¿La de color rojo/ la roja o la de color azul / la azul? ¿Ésta o esa o aquella? - The red one or the blue one? This one or that one?

4 months ago


That is exactly what I did, and it would be normal to say that, more so than "the youngest one". It was the only one marked wrong in my test out too so it hurt more!

4 months ago

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Why not el menor? Or la menor but you can't assume anything in Duo from the speaker's gender.

1 month ago


Duo should accept: "I'm the family's youngest."

1 month ago


"I am the youngest of the family" A direct translation that works, but still got marked wrong. Come on Duo!!!!

8 months ago


Either it's fixed now (because that's what I put, and it was marked correct), or it was one of those things that someone at DL told me happens occasionally (theoretically not often), that someone is marked incorrect when they are correct.

5 months ago
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