"Yo soy el más joven de la familia."

Translation:I am the youngest one in the family.

6 months ago


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Why is it not "la más joven" if a female is speaking about herself? This lesson on superlatives seems to indicate that gender should match in these cases: https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/super

2 months ago


Spanish: Yo soy El (masculine) más joven..

Yo soy LA ( female) más joven..

English I am the youngest girl/ boy in the family . I suppose

The youngest one - el o la más joven. ¿La camisa roja o la ( camisa) azul? The red shirt or the blue shirt.? ¿La de color rojo/ la roja o la de color azul / la azul? ¿Ésta o esa o aquella? - The red one or the blue one? This one or that one?

2 months ago


That is exactly what I did, and it would be normal to say that, more so than "the youngest one". It was the only one marked wrong in my test out too so it hurt more!

2 months ago
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