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"Yo soy el más joven de la familia."

Translation:I am the youngest one in the family.

March 20, 2018



"I am the youngest of the family" A direct translation that works, but still got marked wrong. Come on Duo!!!!


Either it's fixed now (because that's what I put, and it was marked correct), or it was one of those things that someone at DL told me happens occasionally (theoretically not often), that someone is marked incorrect when they are correct.


NOT OCCASIONALLY but actually quite often!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What are the rules for using de instead of en to mean "in?"


For this particular instance, you're selecting one item from a group. That needs de in Spanish.


I chose la rather than el. Wouldn't the choice relate to the sex of the one who is youngest? Duo has a history of allowing one gender to speak or write as one of the opposite but not always. Why is not la as correct as el?


Jack, using la here is fine as well. Please report it if it's not accepted.


Same with me. And it is still not corrected... (feb 2021)


La would be correct for a girl, but the individual pictured in Duo question appears to be a boy.


Why the use of "one" in the translation?


English is often uncomfortable with using adjectives as nouns, so it often adds a dummy "one" to mitigate the awkwardness. "Which one do you like?" instead of "Which do you like?", or "The red one is nice" instead of "The red is nice."

But for superlative adjectives it's usually not as awkward, so "I am the youngest in the family" is just as good.


Why is it not "la más joven" if a female is speaking about herself? This lesson on superlatives seems to indicate that gender should match in these cases: https://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/super


Spanish: Yo soy El (masculine) más joven..

Yo soy LA ( female) más joven..

English I am the youngest girl/ boy in the family . I suppose

The youngest one - el o la más joven. ¿La camisa roja o la ( camisa) azul? The red shirt or the blue shirt.? ¿La de color rojo/ la roja o la de color azul / la azul? ¿Ésta o esa o aquella? - The red one or the blue one? This one or that one?


That is exactly what I did, and it would be normal to say that, more so than "the youngest one". It was the only one marked wrong in my test out too so it hurt more!


I'm the youngest in the family. Should not be marked wrong.


Since I can't report it using the mobile website, I'll make the comment here. Having a female voice and female pictured saying "yo soy el más joven" is confusing for beginners, unless "yo soy la más joven" is never correct, which is what I would have to assume if I didn't read other comments.


Why not el menor? Or la menor but you can't assume anything in Duo from the speaker's gender.


Menor should work as well here, but it tends to have a connotation of "miniscule" or "less important", so "más joven" is often used instead.


is there an aversion to saying mine or my in spanish?.. my face, my hands, my family and lots more.


In spanish we can use, mio( mia) instead mine , la mía familia ,el mío carro. (pay attention to emphasis). Also instead my , there is the word mi(mis) . Mi cara, mis manos, mi familia. Also, there is, mi propio(mi propia) instead, my own.


I ain't! Pretty much the opposite!


Why is it "de la" and not del ?


Terry, the word del is the contraction of de and the singular masculine article el. Any oher article won't contract. Since familia is a feminine noun, you cannot use del here, only "de la".

The same is true for al, which is a contraction of a with the masculine article el.


why is wrong - I am the younger one in the family.


You could only say "I am the younger one" if your family only consists of two members. Generally, if you have "el más [algo]" in Spanish, it's the superlative, "the youngest" in this case.


Thank you RyagonIV


Duo should accept: "I'm the family's youngest."

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