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  5. "SID HaqlI' Qel."

"SID HaqlI' Qel."

Translation:The doctor is performing surgery on the patient.

March 20, 2018



Still a little confused on the difference between -taH and -lI'. What exactly would the difference be between SID HaqlI' Qel and SID HaqtaH Qel ? Would the first be something more along the lines of "The doctor is performing surgery on the patient (in order to save their life / etc.)"?


-taH has a flavor of an ongoing action that might eventually come to an end but doesn't seem to have a set end time and might go on for some time. I suppose SID HaqtaH Qel might a good way to describe a major trauma case where the surgeon keeps finding more and more problems that need to be fixed and it seems that the surgery will never be finished.

-lI' implies that there is a definite and known finishing point and that progress is being made towards that finishing point. Most surgeries are planned very carefully and are more appropriately described as SID HaqlI' Qel.


This aspect lesson has a lot of surgery and all: but I laugh a little every time i picture Klingons in scrubs.


I see it as extracting shrapnel and setting bones.


...making foreheads smooth.



"operates" is not a synonym for "performs surgery"?


I'm a surgeon and I use them as synonyms.


I wrote "SID HaqwI' Qel" because that is what I heard and I was confused. It was still correct :D

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