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Die,Das, und Der

So I know Die is feminine, Der is not feminine, and Das is equal, So if I wanted to say The Rice is good, I would say "Das Rice ist gut" because it is equal and is neither, Am I right, Correct me If I am wrong.

March 20, 2018



"Der" is masculine, "Die" is feminine and "Das" is neuter (all this in Nominative case, it is different in the other three cases).

"Reis" is masculine, and in your sentence, the case is Nominative, so it would be:

"Der Reis ist gut".


You are right: "die" is feminine, "der" is masculine", and "das" is neuter.

These (feminine, masculine, neuter) are just grammatical categories. For items, they do not refer to properties that are inherent in these items. For people, "masculine" is male (der Mann) and "feminine" is female (die Frau).

But everything else has just a grammatical gender: der Baum (the tree; male), das Buch (the book; neuter), die Sonne (the sun; feminine) etc.

"Der Reis" is masculine in German. Therefore, "The rice is good" would be "Der Reis ist gut".

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My favorite resource is the Tips and Notes.

From the Tips and Notes: It is important to learn every noun along with its gender because parts of German sentences change depending on the gender of their nouns.


To save your sanity, I'd recommend color coding, and this video

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