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"We went to the sea not knowing that the rain was coming."

Translation:Noi ne-am dus la mare neștiind că vine ploaia.

March 20, 2018



Noi am mers la mare neștiind că vine ploaia. --- marked wrong by DL, but why?

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Your answer should be accepted. Please report it.


Still not accepted, two years later.

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Could someone explain this construction "ne-am dus", please? Of which verb is "Dus" the participle and is that verb reflexive only in this case or generally?

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The verb is a se duce (reflexive). It is synonym with a merge (to go).

a se duce is conjugated like the verb a duce (transitive), with the added pronoun. The contractions to one syllable that you see in Past Tense are mandatory (m-am, te-ai, s-a, ne-am, v-ați, s-au are all read like one syllable). eu mă am dus is wrong. tu te ai dus (without the hyphen) is also wrong, even though no letters are missing. The hyphen is needed to mark the contraction to one syllable.

Present Tense

  • eu mă duc
  • tu te duci
  • el/ea se duce
  • noi ne ducem
  • voi vă duceți
  • ei/ele se duc

Past Tense

  • eu m-am dus
  • tu te-ai dus
  • el/ea s-a dus
  • noi ne-am dus
  • voi v-ați dus
  • ei/ele s-au dus

Future Tense

  • eu mă voi duce
  • tu te vei duce
  • el/ea se va duce
  • noi ne vom duce
  • voi vă veți duce
  • ei/ele se vor duce


"vine" is the present tense, but this translation shows "was coming". Shouldn't it be "veni"?


I think the imperfect "venea" would be better.


I think this simply reflects a difference in usage (sequence of tenses) between English and Romanian. I've seen the same thing happening in reported speech.


Coto.i Thanks for the conjugation patterns. However the big question is why a transitive sentence in English must be translate as a reflexive one in Romanian?


There is no transitive verb in the English sentence. Anyway, the reason why verbs are constructed differently than English is because each language evolved independently.


I will have to write what you want to be able to finish the lesson! By the way what ,if any ,is the difference between mers and dus?Thanks a lot to whomever answers.


"Noi am mers" Duolingo ! La mare "mergem".La cimitir "ne ducem"...Am toata convingerea ca la conceperea acestui capitol -"Gerunziu" au participat persoane cu competente limitate in vorbirea limbii romane. Pacat!Pana acum a fost destul de ok cursul.


Reporting is good for nothing it seems. That 's why I asked when something is reported in my previous sentence.


Reporting is good to have correct alternative translations added. I have had several of them accepted.

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