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  5. "We blow into the flutes."

"We blow into the flutes."

Translation:Dov'aghmey DISuS.

March 20, 2018



I don't think there's any indication that SuS takes as its object the thing you blow into, is there? This should be Dov'aghmeyDaq maSuS.


Update: The quote from the qepHom handout says, with regards to the verbs jo' and SuS:

"The object of both verbs is the thing you blow into/onto/at. If you use a {-Daq} construction, it implies that you missed – you blew towards the object, but the air bypassed it."


I'm sure, at the time this was put into the course you would have found competent speakers on both sides of that argument. However, De'vID entered information into boQwI' saying that at the Germany qepHom last November, Dr. Okrand said that using -Daq with SuS implied that the air missed, that you were blowing at the thing, not into it. I don't remember that being reported anywhere, but if it's true then it lends strength to the idea of using the instrument as the direct object. I'll see if I can get him to expound on the mailing list.


I love these sentence discussions. I learn the most interesting things in them. Thanks for asking this question.

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