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Duo lingo is infuriating !

I am trying so hard at this and feel like duo lingo constantly fails me on tiny tiny minute detail .......i would n't mind but it never says or sounds anything positive just makes that stupid annoying fail noise........there is little incentive to carry on when you get no praise at all even when you are so nearly right . And even when i have been right word for word it still continues to fail me , on a tiny spelling or something .......ggggggrrrrr being negative does not teach people anything , when a person is only 24 % like i am it is give and take there needs to be a sliding scale or it should at least say 'nice try' or nearly there , just something encouraging .........I am not a machine I am human with all the human imperfections ARHHH AND how can it put me back from 25 % to 24 % argghggggggg Frrrrrustrating ...............give me some positive feed back please Duo Lingo !!!!

March 20, 2018



I think you should just take your time to get your answers really right, and then you will feel much better.

I actually like the way the app (not the web version) shows this little Duo owl whenever I have five answers right in a row, and it gives me a positive message. But when I am less concentrated, and I make more mistakes, then I don't get these nice messages. So I try to take my time and check my answers before sending them -- and this is doing the trick for me.

I hope it will work for you, too. :-)


thanks for the reply, yes slowing down is good , I think I have not learnt to use the interface to my best advantage yet ..... I will look out for the owl ........


I will look out for the owl

Yes, do that (I'd like to insert a thumbs-up smilie here ;-)). It's so very cute! I've bought him two different suits in the Lingots store, so that he can look a little different from time to time. It's really nice.


Ignore the percentage it is basically meaningless and does not increase unless you do loads of practice everyday. I must admit I found French too difficult for me. I like Spanish better because I like the pronunciation rules. In French I found it too difficult to determine if words were singular or plural and they don't pronounce all the letters at the end of words. Mind you I'm glad I don't have to learn English. I'm sure that would be much more difficult as a second language than French. Do you have to learn French? Or could you choose another language? I have heard Esperanto is easy, but it does not appeal to me.


Desperate to learn French as I go to France and need to speak it ........it is difficult and Spanish is probably more forgiving and less fussy. The sounds are not clear in French as perhaps they are more so in Spanish.......I end up guessing on some of the listening tests, I think most of it relies on memory and what sounds right .......I think I have made a choice to stick with French.....although Spanish is appealing too ......once you get your head around one language I think others may become easier to pick up


French is a beautiful language, but it has its difficulties, and one of the difficulties lies in the word endings that sound the same but have to be spelled differently.

Maybe it would help you to deselect the listening exercises for a certain time, perhaps two weeks? I do the courses without listening because I'm hard of hearing. But I think you can choose to do this just for focusing on writing in the first step.

Because there is a system in what "should" be in a certain position. There are infinitives (ending in -er, for example) in certain positions and past participles (ending in -é, for example) in other positions. So although these endings sound the same, they can only appear in distinct positions in the sentence.

But it may be difficult to learn all this at once in the course. So I think that it may help you to focus on the writing in a first step, and when you know which form is required in which position, then you can add the listening exercises. I think that this should make it easier for you to make fewer mistakes.

Just my thoughts. :-) Happy learning! :-)


I understand where you're coming from, however it actually helps you. Fixing every mistake, no matter if it's small or not is very important when learning a new language so you don't get confused and keep using it incorrectly. So don't be frustrated, just take the time to study it some more, and hopefully you'll see improvement. Also, the percentage thing is always completely off, so don't pay any attention to it.


It gets you wrong for the wrong article. I'm learning German and I want to be able to speak more of it, not get the tiny bit that I do speak perfect, it really annoys me too.


But the genders are absolutely crucial. You may think: It' s just one letter, but it changes the whole impression people get of your mastery of the language.

Moreover, you need a good use of the genders (the articles) to get the advanced structures right. So the system is totally right in being unforgiving here - this actually facilitates learning at the coming levels.

(See also the post by cadencelum)


And yet it rarely interferes too much with the ability to communicate at a basic level, just as we understand non-native speakers who sometimes slip into 'he' for 'it'.

If this is becoming a real barrier and what you need is preparation for a trip, perhaps it's worth seeing whether a different website or a book helps you more, Laurie. You can always come back to this later.


Articles matter even more than that for German. They're integral for distinguishing the case system that drives the entire grammar of the language. "Den Hund sieht der Mann" and "Der Hund sieht den Mann" mean totally different things, to say nothing of "Der Mann gibt der Frau den Ball" and "Die Frau gibt dem Mann den Ball" or "ich hänge das Bild an die Wand" vs "Ich sehe ein Bild an der Wand".

Learn your articles, people! They're the single most important thing to know in German! If you don't know them inside and out you cannot speak German. Period.

[deactivated user]

    Nice try Laurie! Keep up the good work! You can do it!

    I would hope you find more incentive in the thought of someday soon getting to use your new language. Believe me, the thrill of understanding something, even something small, is wonderful encouragement. I remember when I first started learning French. I finished the tree and sometime afterwards during the movie Eurotrip there was the robot scene with a French guy telling Scotty to piss off. The scene was subtitled but it made me smile when I realized I knew the actual words he said!

    "Que est-ce que tu pense que tu fais ici? Je suis le seul robot dans ce coin!"

    "You're just upset because people like me better."

    "Ce n'est pas un mouvement du robot. Tu n'es pas un robot vraiment!"


    And of course if that doesn't make you feel better, at least you can be better than Joey.


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