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  5. "Moje žena nenosí šperky."

"Moje žena nenosí šperky."

Translation:My wife does not wear jewelry.

March 20, 2018



I submitted, "My woman does not wear jewelry" and it was counted wrong. If 'manzelka' was used instead of 'zena', I would understand. However, this is literally what was said; was it not?


You can't alway translate literally. Žena means both woman and wife in Czech and you must choose the right one when translating to English.


I've seen an explanation in another discussion that said when "žena" or "muž" is associated with a possessive pronoun, the meanings are understood to be "wife" and "husband." I think, but I'm not absolutely sure, that it also said that this is always the case.


I corrected it from "wife" to "woman" in the last second. Maybe there is a different oppinion, but I see a non-perfect word selection a less important error to correct, just like misspellings.

In German it is the same, you may use "Ehefrau" (wife) or "Frau" (woman) [after a possessive pronoun]. However, the latter can also name the "girlfriend", the first cannot. I think it is not different in czech.

I plead to accept literal translations, in order to avoid these discussions I see here everywhere in the Czech tree.


Moje žena is always a wife, never a girlfriend.

  1. And if someone lives with a woman, but he(she) is not married to her? 2. If there is an English sentence with a context where "my woman" makes sense and the woman isn't anybody's wife, then how it would be translated to Czech?


"My woman" is quite slang-y in English. If someone lives with a woman and is not married to her, the woman is likely to be referred to as "my girlfriend" or "my partner" or "my roommate," depending on the nature of the relationship.


And the Czech equivalents "přítelkyně" or "partnerka" (or "spolubydlící" for a room/flat-mate) would be used in Czech.


Got it. Thank you!


And btw - you either don't say "meine Frau" in german for girlfriend or roommate, just for wife

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