Is there a way to revert from the crown system to the original system? Or does it matter?

I'ver read through this thread ( and others about the new crown system, and I think it's a very cool idea for a deeper dive into learning. However, I'm really bummed to have apparently lost all of my progress. I know it's not really lost, but I what I mean is that the "gold" system seems to be gone. I love to review lessons until they're gold before progressing further, and I'm almost done the German tree (finally!) using this method.

With the new crown system, it looks like I won't be able to keep refreshing lessons until they're gold. Is this correct? If so, is there a way to revert back to the old system? It feels like I've lost all of my hard earned progress =(.

If I can keep doing this, and the crown system just adds an additional feature, then that's fine. I would love to go through and increase the levels--but only once I'm finished the whole tree.

March 20, 2018


I hate the new crown system and really regret updating to it. Duolingo should give us the option to revert back to the old system. There should have been an opportunity to try out the crown system first before selecting it permanently. I don't feel like this new crown system is helping me to learn my language better and I don't like using Duolingo as much as I used to. The new crown system has taken some of the fun out of learning a new language and fun was what brought me here every day to begin with. I'm spending less time here now because of the crown system.

March 22, 2018

I feel ya. I did not expect the crown system to be permanent, let alone did I know what it would do. There should have been more info before locking us in, and there should be an option to toggle it on and off.

March 22, 2018

Yes exactly. And if Duolingo doesn't want to give us a toggle option at least let those of us who really dislike it a one time chance to switch back to the old system.

March 22, 2018

So, after looking through all of the other forum posts, and now that some time has passed, I think the crown system is here to stay. Whether we like it or not. If any developers are reading this, please, please try to find a way to toggle it!

March 22, 2018

same here I hate this crown level its made learning hard and not fun anymore

May 1, 2018
March 23, 2018

It worked! I have my lessons back the way I like them and my golden circles too! Thank you so much for letting me know about this. I must go thank FieryCat too!! :-)

March 23, 2018

If you're on Android, I've written a guide on how to revert to the old interface here -

April 7, 2018

I literally feel sick. I was five badges away from completing French when I got upgraded and lost all my gold badges. I'm moving to Frantastique.

Seems like instead of taking away all the gold badges I earned, they could have come up with something like a platinum level, etc.

Au revoir Duolingo.

April 8, 2018

Dear Admins,

please make it possible to switch it back to the old system. With the crowns it looks like ❤❤❤❤, it feels like ❤❤❤❤ and works like ❤❤❤❤ too. Plain and simple.

I guess it is time to migrate to Memrise. With the new "improvements", Duolingo is NOT fun anymore, sadly.

April 7, 2018
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