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Is there a way to turn off crowns?

I prefer the strength bars to the crown design. Is there a way to switch it back? I don't mean take off the word bank and all other updates, just switching it back to the strength bars.

March 20, 2018



Please create a way to get rid of the crowns. I accidentally click on them, but didn't intend to. It's like the times practices. Once you start something with DL you are stuck "Forever". People like to make choices on their own.


I hope such a possibility will be created soon. I really prefered the strength bar system. They should give us the choice between crowns and strength bars and not impose the first.


I also agree.


It doesn't look like there is. The crown update has confused me so much I'm considering not continuing with Duolingo. I haven't updated the app on my phone just yet as I was enjoying using the website, but I think I'll stick with the app and only use the website when I want to look at grammar notes.


me too............haven't used Duo since the update and before that I had all my lessons gilded


FieryCat's thread "Disable/Enable The Crowns Feature": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923


I'm wondering the same thing! I think crowns could be cool, but I want to keep with my strength bars for now. I wouldn't mind doing crowns later, if I've completed a tree.


I'm wondering about this too I don't really understand how the crowns work and it's a lot easier to tell what I need to do with the strength bars!


Same, I absoluto hate it


I really want the strength bar style along with fluent percentage.......is there away to get the old version back?


Is there a way to turn off crowns?

That is not possible.

How do you use the crown-system?


Now it is.

FieryCat's thread "Disable/Enable The Crowns Feature": https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923


Please make the crowns optional! I don't like having to have my tree look unfinished just because I didn't want to work up over 80+ lessons in each skill to get to gold!

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