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progress not registered

Well in the last few minutes my progress is not being recorded. When a exercise is completed the browser either freezes or stays grayed out for several second. Then ,the next screen will show a yellow completion ribbon but no points will show up and no progression towards the next level will be made even though as I said not only the yellow ribbon will show on the completed exercise but the lesson unit circle become yellow when all its separate exercises was completed. So tree becomes more yellow but no points. This only happened today with this course but it was a problem with other new courses but was eventually corrected. Does this happen to other people or is it a problem with my keyboard driver?

March 21, 2018



It is doing the same thing again for French and Spanish story tests results. For regular lessons OK. Status results for whtehr Duolingo is working state falsely that there is no problem. Worked fine just a couple of days ago .


I don't think there's anything the Klingon Mods or Contributors can do about that. Have you tried filing a bug report? https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


must have posted in the wrong forum. I went to help board but that could not find my topic. I have not been on the Klingon lessons for quite some time because when I last checked there was still no audio available.


Check back soon. We are currently doing trouble shooting on audio and more audio will be added soon (but slowly). If you want a small preview, try the first skill (but use the Web or iOS, the Android app is not yet working properly).


If you lose your internet connection intermittently or it gets weak during the lesson, Duolingo will struggle for awhile then go back to main "learn" page without the points registered, so you'd have to do it over to get the points. If I'm on an iffy Wifi connection, I watch the progress bar and pause before entering the final answer, check my connection status in Settings (Android), reconnect if needed, then submit the answer.

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