"Mein Vater spielt jeden Sonntag Tennis."

Translation:My father plays tennis every Sunday.

March 21, 2013

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Yes, it would be acceptable but less common. The direct object "Tennis" can go either before or after the time marker of this sentence.


May "Mein Vater spielt Tennis jeden Sonntag" be correct too?


why does it use "jeden" not "jedem or jeder" or some other things?


why i have to use Sunday in accusative form here? he plays tennis not Sunday


Inquired about this to my friend, a native German speaker. She said:

Jeden belongs to Sunday, not Tennis ^^

Mein Vater spielt jeden (Sonn)Tag Tennis.

Mein Vater spielt jede Woche Tennis.

Mein Vater spielt jedes Jahr Tennis.

Mein Vater spielt zu jeder Zeit (or: jederzeit) Tennis.

You could turn it around too: Mein Vater spielt Tennis an jedem Sonntag. Film title translation example: "Any Given Sunday" (1999) German title: An jedem verdammten Sonntag

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