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How many different versions of duolingo?

So this seems to be a common theme I run into with duolingo, that everyone seems to be on their own version of duolingo.

Like I can understand the iOS android web divide.

But then there seems to be all these a/b tests which seem to divide people further. Some people have lingots and others have gems. Some have gold skills while some have crowns.

Like the crowns on skills, I have seen a few posts that seem to suggest the testing is over and this has been rolled out to all user? But I have never seen a crown on iOS or web versions.

Most of these differences are surface level, but I keep seeing people talk about features but then when I go looking for them they are no where to be found. I can never tell if I am looking in the wrong spot or just have the wrong version.

Is there a reason for all these differences? Like different versions earning different xp, different currencies or skill progression?

Am I alone in being confused by the different versions?

March 21, 2018



Duolingo seems like what other companies would be like if there were no one to tell product managers no. It's data all the way down.


Hey, I have Lingots+Crowns on my Portuguese course on Android device, and Gems+Health (+Fluency) on THE SAME course on mу iPad! And that's realy frustrating...


You're not alone for sure.


Hundreds of variants are out there. It makes it very confusing, and I believe it works to create confusion and degrade the community. It is a way of getting testing feedback more appropriate to a beta app than a functioning business.


Who has ever said that the DuoLingo Scala web portal mass rolled out to all users in February 2017 is not about BETA testing at all?

We are for sure the permanent BETA testers:

Features half-baked, incomplete......bugs....personal adaptive user setting missing.....powerful (old) user scripts not working most of the time (and since 20 March 2018 not anymore even with the whitelist workaround).

BTW: The web portal A/B BETA "Skill crown level" update message (I can chose X or the "update now" button) seems to already break several (if not all) user scripts like "DuoLingo skill strength viewer", "DuoLingo tree enhancer", "Duo trim tree", etc.

And the best joke ever: I even have NOT pressed this "Update now" button - and I surely won't! :-)


Hundreds of variants? More like hundreds of nonillions of variants, and that's just assuming there is exactly one hundred A/B tests going on right now (the reality is there's a whole lot more but that's all Find on Page on iOS will tell me), not including the A/B tests that have other options besides A and B. I found some A/B test strings that had fields like "aggressive", "redesign," etc.


I can tell you why you can't see crowns for languages you are already learning.

The crown's system requires to know how many times you have individually completed each skill. That's not possible to know when you have already completed some part of your language tree. That's why, for the languages you are already learning, the old system has been retained.

However, if you start a new language on mobile App, you will start with the new Crown system.


um, not quite correct.

If you have gone through your tree, then it will allow you access to all the levels. It will assume you have passed each level. You then need to gain your crowns in each of the levels ( sometimes / previously called by many as skills).

It is then up to you to gain your additional crowns for each of the levels - if you wish to. And I recommend it is well worthwhile to gain those extra crowns.

Things such as this significant change are rolled out in stages. That is the reason for the discrepancy.


Well I didn't know that! Thanks for correcting me :)

Now, I am learning German, at level 16. I see crown system if I start a new language. But the crowns don't show up for my existing German.

So, should I understand that crowns would come some time later? Or when I complete my tree? (I'm halfway through the tree right now)


Whenever you are switched over to the new system - it could happen aromatically perhaps.
However it may be an option that you may be able to choose when you switch over. ... come to think of it, I think I did read something about this somewhere ...
I just can't locate it at the moment.


Good thing:
Starting 20 March 2018 they are asking me if I want to "Upgrade now" to the "Crown levels".

They do (three times) for both EN-PT and PT-DE / PT-EN.

So at least I have the choice to (hopefully) ignore this BETA test for the next 6-12 month until I have actually finished my reverse trees and they maybe have re-added strengthen bars (SR) at a later time.

However I am not sure if this is a general option valid for ALL courses at once or if I really get asked it for all three courses (even I see the top popup message) three times and courses/trees are converted individually.


Thank you for sharing this information.

Also, to take this opportunity, thank you specifically Thomas.Heiss, for your continued helpful and numerous posts made throughout this community.

I know this is also noticed and greatly valued by a significant segment of our community.


Very important information from Lrtward in this thread: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26612939$comment_id=26659554

Quote Lrtward: "When I got the crowns system, it affected ALL of my courses simultaneously, even the ones that I am taking from Spanish or French."

Thank you so much.

This is the information I was desperately looking forward.

The message notifier "Introducing Crown Levels: Get five times more exercises and reach higher fluency as you level up." with the blue "Update now" button did - of course - NOT tell, that it is an all or nothing approach.

As this message pops up on EACH of my courses (I also checked for DE-EN and EN-DE) I would have personally expected (as an IT specialist and developer) I could selectively choose the BETA "Crown level" update for not more than 1-2 forward trees to try it out.

So this is obviously not the case....

I will CANCEL the update on the web portal and wait for the "final product" after ~6-12 months.

Maybe they add a better conversion algorithm which straight jumps over levels 1, 2 and 3 and just activates level 5 for future strengthen exercises and randomly shows some of the more difficult translation sentences (which we all want to see on the web portal; typing (in L2) = RECALLING):

That could have probably been the other implemention choice instead of having to do re-do ALL lessons step-by-step and level-ups.

It was said in 1-2 other threads, that most skills will be set to levels 2 or 3 after the conversion, and some more recently strengthened (golden) skills will be even set to "Crown level 1".

This is definitely not what I was looking forward for my EN-PT forward tree I have been daily working on for ~1,5 years.
I am also looking forward to a SRS for (useful) sentences, even I use Memrise for word SR reviews already.

I better stick to the stuff which I know how to work with, especially for PT grammar skills (if I can somehow reactivate all the non-working user scripts since 20 March 2018) and finish my two reverse PT trees first.

Let's see what new brilliant features or re-engineering come(s) in 2019....for sure there is some room for further improvements.


Wow Linda,

so ein untenstehendes Lob von Dir geht runter wie Öl :-)

Danke schön!


Bitte schön. Das kleine Lob ist hart verdient worden.


Also - more information here : https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26612939

And I apologize for having to edit my post above to correct it. It is also reasonably new for many of us, and I am still getting used to it.

I do though like the system. It has some great features, if you read the other post. ༠


You don't need to apologize Sir/Mam. You are already doing a very great job helping us :)

And thanks for the link.


So finish the tree I am on, then I can some how enable the new crown system and start earning crowns?


Quote Purva1405: I can tell you why you can't see crowns for languages you are already learning.

The crown's system requires to know how many times you have individually completed each skill.
That's not possible to know when you have already completed some part of your language tree

Why is that not possible to know?

DuoLingo SHOULD know what words AND sentences it has presented to you and what strength you had (for single words).

So somehow DuoLingo will have "to guess" what crown level 1, 2 or 3 you might have reached for a single skill, if you have reached language level e.g 20-25, you have practiced / strengthened for 1-1,5 years++, etc.:

  • Either they set ALL skills to crown level 1 completed:
    This would mean that the next time you have to re-do lessons the sentences and exercise challenges get even more easy than before (especially true for reverse trees).

  • They try to guess crown level 2 or 3 and set it differently (e.g random) for specific skills based on some "upgrade / converting algorithm".

I am not sure if their system was really that intelligent before, to correctly "flag" sentences as seen / accomplished or not.

Well, many people complained that the same sentences and phrases repeat over and over again and more difficult content (even available for e.g web portal multiple choice, Android app tapping) was - always - left out.

And there are even NEW bugs in the system in 2018 that I am seeing the very SAME questions multiple times (repeats, even if correct) in the same strengthen session!!!

Matfran wrote in 2017 a great summary in one thread about his experiences (can't remember the title or link), that there is a maximum count of sentences.

So somehow DuoLingo had to make those available sentence from the database sequential OR random.
If you test out or do the placement test, you might not see all words and all sentences.

If you go skill by skill, lesson by lesson through your tree, you might see MORE words and available sentences.
I also believe that strengthen buttons brought up (sometimes) new sentences (and words), however those were pretty much limited as a course moderator/contributor confirmed to me in 2017 as they were reserved for special exercise challenges and were not (all) made available for typing translations on the web portal.

I would love to read an offical statement from staff how their "crown level upgrade/converting algorithm" was coded or from A/B testing moderators to what crown levels 1, 2 or 3 many skills in a completed tree (golden owl, or fully golden tree) will be converted.

Wouldn't it be VERY BORING after conversion when the mid-difficult level before was e.g three, you have all time played around with sentences for 1-1,5 years on the web portal of that difficulty and now you have to go back to re-do all lessons (easier sentences) of crown level 2???


Let's take my case. I'm on German Level 16, halfway through the tree.

I practice each lesson of a skill different number of times according to what practice I think I require. Sometimes, I practice all lessons of a skill in sequence. So, if there were Crown System active for me (which is not) , I would mostly have 2 or 3 crowns , 4 or 5 in some special cases.

I think Duolingo will have to indeed guess crown level. Setting them to 2 or 3 might be a good idea. Of course, it needs to be based on how much time I have had in practising.

[I just remembered one thing. Some months ago, I tried Duolingo Classroom, by being my own teacher with another temporary account. I got access to a log , which showed exactly what skill-lesson I had practised at exactly what time and on what date! If Duolingo still has that thing, then all problems about guessing Crown Level would be solved!]

And next, like you, I have also been facing the problem of getting the same sentence repeated sometimes. [I once got the same sentence to translate, consecutively 4 times!]

Let's see if they come up with an official statement about Crowns. That would be our best help.

And thanks for an elaborate discussion on this :)


I read a comment this morning about the mobile app having the skill summery - and I don't have those on my mobile (not sure if the person was using iOs or Android) .


I am having an issue where I cannot see my profile via the app, so I can’t see my achievements or the people I follow. I have to sign in online to get this information and I find it frustrating. Me and my partner are both on iPhone and he doesn’t have this issue. Am I just stuck with this version of the app? Also On the app my I have 869 Blue gems and online I have 115 red lingots (I assume) seems random. I have no crowns, but I do have health, gems & fluency percentage.


Perhaps if you could try updating your app, to see if this resolves these differences ?


my wife has "health" and can't go on if she makes too many mistakes...my version has no such thing. WTF, can I get her my version?


My version duolingo doesn't have the hearts system and I like it. However, I recommended this app to my friend but he has the hearts version and he doesn't like it. Is there any way for him to change to my version?



Quote: Is there any way for him to change to my version?

New users can (should) expect that they are rolled into the health on the IOS or Android apps.

If you have not got it yet, maybe (not necessarily) you will be switched to health for a while and then back...or not.
We had those reports on the forums.
This can happen any time.

A/B tests are account related (experiment variables).
Your friend can try to open 2-5 new user accounts and see which one falls into their beta health test (on Android).

I do fully understand that it is probably easier to learn those Asian/Arabic/Indian languages on the mobile app with word banks, tapping and the built-in keyboards.

Quote: I recommended this app to my friend but he has the hearts version and he doesn't like it

What language is he learning?
Any "super hard" FSI category IV / Asian language like you?

If not (e.g. German, Romance languages,...):
He could stick to the www.duolingo.com web portal.
But then he needs a keyboard layout.

Web has no health.


He can try to use the web mobile compact view (not full desktop site) on the mobile device by opening the website in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Goggle Gboard and voice dictation works there.
Built-in keyboards (from the OS) for typing letters are also offered on a smartphone/tablet.

And if he REALLY (only) wants to use the mobile tapping app:

  • He can buy a "Duolingo Plus" subscription and activate the "health shield" (IOS)

  • I am not sure if staff has already finished implementation the shield on Android (I can't check!); please check for yourself with the latest (device compatible) app versions.

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