How to redo level in Crown skill?

How to redo each level like we can do before this?Since crown skill doesn't have redo option for each level, It's make me feel worse when I'm not ready to increase the level but i need to practice it every time because crown skill will automatically increase our level every time we start the exercise

March 21, 2018


Yes that's a problem.

In the old system, we could redo each lesson individually as many times as we liked.

In the new Crowns based system, you need to go through all the lessons of a skill in order, then your skill level increases, and then you can again go through the lessons of that skill (but with somewhat higher difficulty, which I suppose is your problem at the moment)

However, you can do one thing. I don't know if it works surely, but I think it should.

Use your mobile browser, or use a desktop computer to do lessons. [Of course, you then would lose the 5 XP bonus chance] That might do the trick.

March 21, 2018

I felt the same way at first when I started using the Crowns. I found out, though, that at the lower crown levels the exercises are really, really easy. They save the harder sentences and exercises for the higher crown levels.

I used to have a real hard time with a new skill set, and miss a lot of sentences the first few times through a lesson, and have to repeat the lesson over and over. With the crown system I am gradually eased into the skill and it's not nearly as frustrating and confusing.

At least, that's my experience. I didn't like the crowns much at first but now I absolutely love the new system.

March 21, 2018
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