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Crown Levels -- 48 times for one level?

Some of the crown levels seem insane. It seems that you have to repeat a lesson up to 48 times just to earn a single crown level. I don't understand how this is an improvement.

Is it possible to turn them off?

March 21, 2018



You can read more about the crown system here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26612939

It is only on higher crown levels that you will be required to do the higher number of repetitions to gain the next crown for that level.

I would recommend that you do not try to get all 5 crowns before proceeding to the next level.

Instead progress through to the next level after you gain a crown, ( or before ). And then over time complete the repetitions to gain your additional crown.

The real object is to learn the language, not gain the crowns. The crowns are there only as motivators.

You are in the driving seat to choose your own pace for your own learning. ༠


Well, part of Duolingo is supposedly the "gamification" aspect of the platform that makes it fun to learn. Requiring that someone go through a unit of a level that many times to get gamification type "hit" isn't that motivating. It's just mindless busywork and I think that works against the gamification concept. I can't see a kid finding that fun.


Well, I would say that they're now at the point where they're actually demotivating. If you have to repeat a level 50 times to get the top crown, or once you get past the 21 repetitions for level 3 and then what you get is 40 repetitions for moving from level 4 to level 5, people aren't going to bother because that's just not fun anymore. Especially if the exercises are just basically repetitions of the same stuff over and over and over. I think this actually misses the point about the crowns being motivational.

I'd like to be able to turn this system off because I found the old system was more helpful.


FYI: I'm at level 4 on two early skills (Food and Animals) in my French tree.

  • Food requires 35 repetitions to go from L4 to L5

  • Animals requires 25 repetitions to go from L4 to L5

So Ren918302 makes an interesting point re: gamification. It seems 35 repetitions is a very long interval before one gets the "game reward".

I realize that this could be new software growing pains. I hope things settle out over time.


It's ridiculous! I studied French and Italian for years and I just like to use Duo as a practice tool. I should not have to repeat the activity about cats and dogs and milk 50 times before it lets me advance to another level.


Well said!!

A couple of other good sources of info about the new crowns system:
Upcoming Feature: Skill Levels!
Crown system resets all skills to Completed: 0


No, that doesn't appear to be true. The one I'm talking about is called Basics 1. And the number of times you have to repeat each unit varies depending on the unit.


The crown system is boring and too repetitious. It won't help me to learn French. I'm not doing the tree anymore and sticking to Memrise and the Duolingo stories until a fix is put in place, such as the option to switch back to the old system.


If you click on the key, they let youdo tests so you can skip those 48 lessons.


This is really not an improvement for me. Before crown levels I would just work on any lesson that wasn't gold until it was, and move on. But now that the crowns are here, nearly every lesson has turned from gold to its original color, and I don't know what I should spend my time on. It messes up my whole Duolingo system.


I hear you. To deal with this issue, I made a simple spreadsheet to track/manage my progress.

I don't bother to update it daily (too much work) update it when:

  • I level up within a skill
  • I've decided there is no need to continue work on that skill (I suspect my cat can spell "garçons" at this point) -- I mark these skills with green
  • I've found a skill where I make a lot of mistakes or think I need extra practice - I mark these skills with red

How I use this info:

  • My 1st goal was to take everything before the 1st checkpoint to L4/0 (unless I mark a skill as a "I'm done", which I did for Plurals1 and Basics3). If I were doing it again, I would have stopped at L3/0
  • My 2nd goal was to take everything between the 1st and 2nd checkpoints to L3/0.
  • Now I'm working on the skills between the 2nd and 3rd checkpoints, taking them all to L3/0. Also the skills between the 3nd and 4rd checkpoints, taking them all to L2/0
  • My plan is to move up the tree in the manner.
  • For skills I've marked in red ... I do 2 or 3 lessons a day until I can set them back to normal
  • Then follow the same process to get everything up to L4/0

At this point, I am uncertain if/how I will use the L4 exercises. I appreciate that they require us to type in the target language ...

However, my process is to handwrite pretty much every French sentence every time I encounter it. By the time I hit L4/0 ... the marginal utility may not be right for me.

The new system requires some self-management. It's do-able!


Messes up my system, too. In the old system, once you had achieved a golden tree (which in itself is a hard thing to do) it was so easy to just keep at it by levelling up whenever needed. The new system becomes a chase for crowns without the feeling that you have actually kept it going. The promised "higher-level" exercises I've encountered so far do in no way justify a drop in skill level by 2-3 crowns. They do not seem that hard at all, but then I had been studying Welsh for over a year and achieved a very solid golden tree. It is ridiculous and frustrating in the extreme! Also, the health system is driving me mad. Making mistakes lies in the very nature of language learning - being punished for making them is so counter-productive. Makes you wonder what Duolingo is really about ...does it not??


yes and I am a beta for the new spanish, so I have 108 skills to keep track of, all of which faded from their former gold. Got help at this link: https://duome.eu/wanderingabout/progress - where you should put your own name in place of mine which is wanderingabout . What I'm trying is to work on whatever skill is at the bottom of this list and gain a crown for it, one a day. It is unfortunate I cannot do this and also maintain strength in the rest, but ... anyway I am learning...


How do crown levels help you be more motivated? Can I turn them off?


Pretty frustrated with this change. I have 43k experience points over my time using Duo and I end up with a Level 2 crown in Basic 2??? How is this helpful?


It incentivizes people who have finished trees to continue learning, and at the same time lets beginners learn at their own pace. You haven't lost any progress. It's just displayed differently now.


Having to go over 35 in the food skills to go from L4 to L5 is just overkill. I'm scared of the next skills if these are the first ones.


Actually, what I'm noticing is that you can unlock the next row after you've achieved one crown in each skill. So maybe the crown levels are helpful in terms of reviewing over time.

And I tried going through the first set of skills enough times to get a level five crown. Although it's incredibly dull and tremendously repetitious, I think I'll probably never make another mistake on this material ever again.

That said, it wasn't what I'd call "enjoyable." It's like achieving mastery at the cost of being bored to tears.

I did, however, feel an strange sense of accomplishment from being able to grind through that many repeats (maybe marines get this at bootcamp?). Although I'm not sure I'm sold on doing it for every skill.

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