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  5. "Good evening, ma'am."

"Good evening, ma'am."

Translation:Buenas tardes, señora.

March 21, 2018

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When I travel in Latin America it is buenos tardes up to 6pm then after that buenos noches. But how are we suppose to know the time of day in this context? I think either noches or tardes should be accepted.


when do you use buenos or buenas IS it just a crap shoot?

  • buenos: masculine
  • buenas: feminine


I did get it right, but what is the difference between senora and senorita?


Señora is Ma'am/Madame .... Señorita is for Miss/young lady


senorita she is not married


Señora is for women, usually from around age 30. Señorita is for teenage girls up to late 20s.


Actually, señorita is a female before marriage or as Cantinflas said: Después de todo una señora es como una señorita... después de todo.


What's the difference between buenas and buenos?


Gender. Tardes derives from la tarde, a feminine noun, so you use buenas with this word. You say buenOs dias becase that stems from el dia, a masculine noun.


feminine vs. masculine


Glad im not the only one who found this to be wrong


I'm a little confused over the translation of buenas tardes. I translated as good afternoon, but was corrected as 'good evening'. Is this correct?

[deactivated user]

    Because "evening" covers a rather long period of the end of the day, the earlier part of the evening corresponds to our "Tarde", while the darker hours correspond to our "Noche" In fact, "anochecer" and "atardecer" can both be translated as "evening".


    Tardes is afternoon.. noches is evening.. and then it had both.. but yet I got it wrong using noches for evening????


    Another note - in Central Mexico at least, if you don't know someone well, you don't address them as señorita or señora most of the time. It's presumptive and considered a bit rude here, but you do absolutely greet people with the buenos dias, buenas tardes, buenas noches. A simple "hola" is also a bit rude.

    [deactivated user]

      I notice the words miss and ma'am are being used to render Señorita, Señora; but while the spanish words demonstrate respect and politeness, "miss" by itself and "ma'am" sound very popular if not common.


      "miss" and "ma'am" are polite forms of address to women/girls of the relevant ages

      If they're used a lot, it's because people are polite a lot. If you want to say "señora" should be "madam," well, I feel pretty confident in saying that "señora" is used a whole lot more than "madam."


      When do you use buenas vs. Buenos?


      Still confused about the buenos or buenas

      [deactivated user]

        buenos for plural masculine nouns like días. buenas for plural femenine nouns like tardes, noches, noticias. Día IS masculine.


        Buenas noches, señora. Debería ser, porque buenas tardes es good afternoon.


        when do you use Senora v. senorita outside of addressing a married woman. IK senora is mrs. (married), & senorita is miss (not married), but how do you differentiate the 2 outside of this. i.g. ma'am, lady, etc.


        No. Mrs. is only used as a title (e.g. Mrs. Smith). Used alone it must be written out as Missus.


        God i get tired of having to do the "hint" regarding gender for getting the gender wrong on words you cant tell the gender of. If i screw up the gender of "perro" i deserve the hint, but not "tardes."


        From when did " Buenas tardes" and "good evening" became the same meaning??! I thought "Taredes"=" Afternoon"..and "noches"="evening" and "Night"..!? Why haven't i had been informed about that, they are the same thing!!?


        Tardes must mean afternoon not evening, I believe something is wrong


        Guy Tardes is Tardes ----- Afternoon why it says wrong answer !


        wait, I thought "buenas tardes" meant good afternoon, and "buenos noches" means good evening...

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