Verbs ~er group - Verbes du premier groupe

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This is the biggest group - and it does have rules (despite what many sources have led me to believe).

And by learning these rules - it will help you in other areas of learning french. It is worth your time to look into these rules. And ALL verbs whose Base Verbale ends in ~er, follow these rules, except for aller : to go, which belongs in the 3e groupe des verbe. However - beware - there are 3 spelling rules that can 'cast a spell' (or perhaps it is an incantation :) on the pattern for Présent tense. To find out more - keep reading ;P

The pattern they follow for Présent tense is:

je ~e
tu ~es * note - this final 's' is silent - except where liaisons occur. Check out this thread
il / elle / on ~e
nous ~ons * note the final 's' is silent, - except where liaisons occur.
vous ~ez nb. click on "ez" to hear the sound this letter combination usually makes.
ils / elles ~ent (remembering the " ~ent" is silent)

For more info on ' I , you , we , they ', check out this thread.

TO find out about the 4 important spelling rules that affect ~er verbs click here

And if you really want to conquer french, and make sense of how to say, hear and read things, then it is well worth your time to check out the 4 important spelling rules link above, that affect the ~er group of verbs - affecting how you say and spell them. And these make up about 89% of all the french verbs, which make up over 6,000 verbs :) It is a quick way to boost your learning journey ;P
Click here to read more: Verbs - encouraging statistics
and click here for the French Spelling wars

This group can be referred to as:
Verbes du premier groupe , or , Les verbes du 1er groupe , or , Le 1er groupe des verbes.

NOTE: most of the french words in this stream - will give you an audio file - so you can "hear" how to pronounce them, and hopefully understand them when you hear them. So move your curser around the words, and click on things. To return, either press your browsers 'return' arrow (usually in the top left header), or often (hopefully) you will have access to another 'key' word which will take you to another related thread, or return you here. Although sometimes it is a bit like a trip through Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory (small print: no guarantees) :)
p.s. this is the ONLY place I have ever found verbs explained this way, complete with SOUND files - to help your learning journey. And which will be peer reviewed AND like a living book, where you can ask questions - so I hope you enjoy checking this out. But be aware - it is a living environment - and things will be corrected - as is relevant ;)

April 19, 2014

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It shows off an absolutely regular ~er word pattern. - as described above.

This one shows off an absolutely regular ~er word pattern. - as described above.but talks about how there are some spelling AND pronunciation changes to the pronouns. These are called elision, and is something that is needed to know about.

April 19, 2014
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