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  5. "jI'IHbe' 'ach jIval."

"jI'IHbe' 'ach jIval."

Translation:I am not beautiful but I am smart.

March 21, 2018



Why not "I am smart but I am not handsome." Isnt' reverse order more usual in klingon?


Within one sentence, words go in more or less the opposite order to English: object–verb–subject compared to subject–verb–object.

However, nouns or sentences joined together with a conjunction ("the knife and the spoon" or "he ran but she jumped") are not reversed in translation. Keep those in the original order.

Here, you have two sentences (jI'IHbe', jIval) joined with 'ach. Translate each sentence on its own, then join them together (without changing the order) with the translation of 'ach.

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