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  5. "Cơ sở hạ tầng"

" sở hạ tầng"

Translation:The infrastructure

March 21, 2018



From cơ sở (“foundation; base; basis”) +‎ hạ tầng (“lower levels”).

cơ sở 基礎

  • Mandarin: jīchǔ
  • Cantonese: gei1 co2
  • Sixian Hakka: kî-chhú
  • Minnan: ki-chhó͘

hạ tầng 下層

  • Mandarin: xiàcéng
  • Cantonese: haa6 cang4
  • Minnan: hǎ-chân / hā-chân / hēe-chân / ě-chân / ē-chân / ēe-chân


I got tired of rolling into Sentence Discussions and seeing all these meaningless dialects, to me. So instead of fighting it, I have joined you by starting to learn Chinese. I have far to travel before these are helpful to me.

But I have to say they are far superior than what we have in Tips and Notes.

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