"I forgot to take notes today."


March 21, 2018

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When translating this from English to Chinese, can 我今天忘记写笔记 also be an acceptable answer?


I would think so. I just reported "我今天忘記寫筆記。"


It doesn't accept it, but it really should. I've reported it


I've reported that answer as correct as well.


The answer was accepted when I did it


Accepted 12/18/2020


"I forgot to take notes today" and "I forgot to take today's notes" have slightly different meanings. In the first instance, it is not suggesting any specific activities around the note taking. In the second instance "today's notes" suggest belonging to a specific activity such as class notes. So if duo wanted us to use 的 they should have used the 2nd instance.


”我忘记写今天的笔记“ is "I forgot to take today's notes" because of the 的 in "今天的笔记". Reporting their English translation of "I forgot to take notes today" as wrong on 2019-05-30.


I have to wonder why "忘記" is used here instead of "忘記了" and whether "了" should be prohibited; I believe I've already done two previous exercises where "忘記" with "了" is required.

Perhaps it's because there's no way to interpret this sentence other than as involving a completed action?

In any case, "我忘記了寫今天的筆記。" is rejected.


I would like an explanation on the same issue. Can anyone clarify.


Hover translation gives both options, but with forgot taking precedence over forget. Very confusing.


I interpreted the use of 的 as being possessive, so wondered if the accepted translation in fact meant: "I forgot to take today's notes." which is why I didn't write: I forgot to take notes today, and consequently got it wrong.


I completely agree with this! They should change the correct answer


The Chinese translation doesn't match the English prompt. It should be 今天我忘了写笔记 or something similar.


I wondered that too


The text shown as the correct translation above can be retranslated to "I forgot to take today's notes (今天的笔记)," no? My answer which wwanas not accepted was "我今天忘记写笔记了".


you mean : I forgot to wrote today's notes


Sorry, no, that's not correct. The most obvious error is that you need 'write' not 'wrote' in that sentence. The more subtle problem is that 'write' is not as natural as 'take' in this context. We might be more likely to use 'write notes' in a later context, e.g "you need to write some notes on the process you used to make those pots". If you are writing notes during a process, we normally use "take notes"


我今天忘记做笔记 is marked wrong, although 做笔记 is suggested on the hover hint.


Subtle distinction but changes the meaning but that statement should state " I forgot to take today's notes", not I forgot to take notes today"

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