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New grammatical case in Loc/Topics skill?

In the Czech course, I seem to be learning a new grammatical case in the Loc/topics skill, but I don't know what it is due to the fact that there are no notes or tips that tell me how to use it or what it even is. Will these be added in the future, along with notes for everything else that might need notes?

March 21, 2018



Okay, I have decided it is the locative case, but there should at least be information about the adjective endings and such.


yes, you are absolutely correct. it is the locative, and someone should write the notes for it.


Yes i agree i worked out it was locative but i am stiil trying to work out ii's implication in the different parts of speech. Also ve and na i am finding confusing. I did find a distinction between the latter in another blog but in applying it it did not seem to work. Some guidance please duolongo


Some of these (like v versus na) do not have any strict rules and you have to remember each case. The same way as you have to remember the usage of in, at, on, ... in English.

But you are welcome to ask any concrete question if you have one. The Notes will probable take some more time.


Thanks for that vladafu. I assume ve or na attaches to a particular noun such as na nadrazi or v posteli. I look forward to the notes so i can fill in my own tables of endings.


As I said there are no truly gereral rules. You have to consider each case separately.

V posteli is the most common form, but na posteli is also possible. There is just a subtle difference.

Na nádraží is just something you have to remember.

Even when nots are created they won't cover all possible options, the space will be limited.

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