Reviewing past lessons with the Crown System

I'm still having some trouble with the crown system, specially when it comes to reviewing a word or a structure that I had learnt in the past. The lists detailing the words in each skill seem not to be available anymore.

If I want to review something I have already learnt, it is no longer possible to go directly to it. I will have to review the WHOLE skill and hope to randomly find the word once again. This is very incovenient if skill has a big vocabulary, for example.

This is a bigger problem if you don't know from which skill the word came up. Before, I could just enter the skill and see if it was there, now I have to do the the whole skill and hope it will show up eventually.

Does anybody know a better way to overcome this? Personaly, I think that redoing past lessons is a good way to learn, but I feel like I'm not using my time the best way with the crown system and I would appreciate some suggestions.

March 21, 2018


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