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Crown Levels and Testing Out

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I finished the German tree here quite some time ago, and have tested out of the new versions as they come out, mostly for completion's sake. In that vein, once I get Crown Levels, it is my understanding that my whole tree will be colorful, and that getting it all gold would be an immense amount of work for almost no benefit. Would deleting my progress and testing again make the skills I test out of gold, or do I just resign myself to an imperfect tree?

March 21, 2018



Resetting and testing out will put you at level one. The highest level is five. From what I can tell, there is no new content, at least not in the Spanish tree, so getting to level five in a skill is still very repetitive.


Noticed anything on the promised greater amount of translation into target language?


Yes, I think that is correct. I did one skill to level five, and there was certainly more translation into Spanish than there is on the app. You can also select to disable the word bank turning "pick and order the words" exercises into true translation.

It does get harder, but I finished my Spanish tree years ago, so there were no sentences I hadn't seen repeatedly.


I've been taking one of the basic Hebrew skills up to level 5 (I just picked the one that had the least lessons to progress ;)); it's currently at level 4 and it does seem to be requiring more typing in Hebrew. Time will tell...

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