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  5. "Wir sind die besten!"

"Wir sind die besten!"

Translation:We are the best!

March 21, 2013



"Besten" has to be capitalized in this case!


My german isn't good enough to understand that link, but my german girlfriend read it and still says die Besten should be capitalised in this example as it is being used as a noun.


I agree Duden is not very clear on this matter. http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/beste_Adjektiv

Looking at the examples, I think it does not need capitalization.

example Kleinscheibung: "dieser Wein ist der beste"

In another example capitalization is optional. Groß- oder Kleinschreibung: "er hat das aufs Beste/beste geregelt"


Ja, but most of the examples given are capitalised.

While it seems there is ambiguity and therefore, perhaps, a little flexibility in capitalisation, using a capital appears to be the norm rather than the exception.


Besten should definitely be capitalised here.

beste Brot would mean best is an adjective and not capitalised, however die Besten is a noun and is definitely capitalised.

Another way to consider this is the Größe/große difference when comparing size.

die Größe = the size

größe Hund = large dog


I was taught by my lecturers that it does, so I'm going to go with what they say.


I think it must be capitalized since articles are noun's "beste Freunde" (without the "Article", it will not be capitalized) :v


Awwww thanks Doulingo!


so why is it not "am besten" here?


"die Besten" is a noun which is why it has to be "the best".
"am besten" is a comparative form of the adjective gut, so this would mean "we are best".


Superlative form, not comparative. The comparative is besser; the superlative is am besten.


Shouldn't it be "Wir sind die beste!"?


well it would be correct if the adjective would refer to a noun like

  • Wir sind die beste Gruppe !
  • Wir sind das beste Team !
  • Wir sind der beste Clan !

but because you refer to no noun it is

  • Wir sind die besten !

it is just the superlative of adjectives

am größten, am besten, am kleinsten, am herrlichsten, schönsten etc. | they all end with -en


Agree. Superlatives are usually formed with -st, followed by a case ending if the adjective precedes a noun. Here, the superlative is being used as a verb complement, which comes after the verb and doesn't have a case ending. These adjectives used as superlative verb complements most often have the form am...sten. Exp.: 'Ein Mercedes wäre am teuersten'. 'A Mercedes would be the most expensive'.


I think die Besten is being used as a noun here, not an adjective.

The singular could be die Beste or der Beste, but the plural die Besten would apply when talking about Wir


I agree. Thanks for the clarifying. I was wondering why it wasn't die Beste.


Why is the english translated as only "best" and not "very best"? How do you modify the superlative? Can you do that in Deutsche like you can in English?


You can, but with a different word -- "we are the very best" would be wir sind die Allerbesten, I would say.


'We are the best' was marked as incorrected because missing an exclamation mark?


'We are the best' was marked as incorrected because missing an exclamation mark?

Unlikely; Duolingo generally ignores punctuation entirely (except for "double quotes" and apostrophes ' ).

If you would help finding your error and you have a screenshot that shows the exercise you had and the answer you gave, please share it with us -- upload the image to a website somewhere (e.g. imgur) and then tell us the URL. Thank you!

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