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No longer able to see the vocab for each lesson?

A couple of days ago, the lessons had 'crowns' appear next to them, and now, I can't find a way to see the words that are used in a lesson, I can only do another review. A major part of the way I am learning is clicking a lesson and seeing if I can remember the vocab I see and if not, do the lesson again. I was also in to process of writing out all the vocab I have covered so far. Is there a way to change my view or am I missing something?

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a temporary reprieve: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26677923

the tweak will probably stop working sooner rather than later, and then we will all have those crowns.

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i have the same question, usually i learn through the main lesson and then one by one. Sometimes the main lesson even has many sub lessons.... and now i have to learn about 80 words in one lesson... how many times will i have to do the main lesson to see all the words from that lesson ? : is there any way how to change back to old ?

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