"Los padres no eligen a sus hijos."

Translation:Parents don't choose their children.

7 months ago



Adoption and modern science aside OK. I have only heard it said in reverse in (British English) . Children can't choose their parents.

7 months ago


Same here, in choosing to have a child you choose to have ANY child, so this is just wrong, especially considering adoption. A better wording for this would be "Padres, recuerdar que no pueden eligir qué tipo de niño tener."

5 months ago


Edit by adding an introductory paragraph:
Just to clarify, my post has nothing to do with Eugenics. But if you want to contrast Eugenics with my own mythos, then I suggest you visit Wikipedia where you can read an explanation of Eugenics.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenics https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eugenesia

According the mythos I am living, God designed the Universe in such a way that parents can choose the soul of their children while the mortal bodies of the parents are asleep. The parents choose which soul will incarnate into their future unborn child. The act of choosing happens during an 8 (or whatever) hour sleeping period of their mortal bodies. While their mortal bodies are sleeping, the consciousness of each parent dwells in their individual spirit bodies. Spirit bodies are capable of "flying away" from their mortal bodies while the mortal bodies are asleep. The spirit bodies of the parents "rise up from" their sleeping mortal bodies (compare with the "Doctor Strange" movie). In this way, the parents fly away in the night and go somewhere to choose the soul of their unborn child.

According to the mythos I am living, almost nobody on earth has enough development to enable their memories to remember (in the morning) what they were busy doing during the sleeping period of their mortal bodies. We might not become capable of retrieving these memories until a long long time from now (in the afterlife).

2 months ago


Unfortunately, too many of them seem to think they can, and refuse to accept the child they have, rather than the idealised (from their perspective) child they've imagined.

3 months ago


los niños tampoco eligen a sus padres

4 months ago


We say, "you can't choose your family"... Great Britain.

3 months ago


Sí se pueden. Se llama la eugenesia.

1 month ago
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