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Where can I read Novels and Manga RAW in Japanese

So I'm finishing up Hiragana and Katakana, and I know some kanji but not much. Anyway, I want to in the future to practice my reading skills for Japanese, Do you know any manga or novels that have furigana or easy to read kanji in them? It would be really nice to have a link as well, But thats all! Thank you!

March 21, 2018



↑ This is the main one I use for raw manga. It's a legit company based in Japan which sells manga in digital ebook format online, and they allow people in foreign countries to buy stuff on there too! There's also plenty of free stuff, and just about every volume on the site offers a preview to read the first 10~50 pages for free. However if you're only just finishing learning hiragana and katakana, then just navigating the site will be extremely tough* let alone actually trying to read a manga/novel.

↑ This is more appropriate, as the content is basically all stories aimed at children. There's audio, animations, picture books, but it still might be rather hard for the stage you're at.

* Click this link if you are having difficulty navigating the eBookJapan site and just really want to see an example of what it's like reading manga on there. That link will take you directly to reading the first page of One Piece (vol. 1, colour edition). It's the free preview, allowing you to read the first 59 pages completely for free. ^^


Thanks for the links, I'm also looking for very simple things so I can learn some words and sounds and kana/kanji all at the same time. I find I have a much easier time learning the kana when I already know the word (yes, no, -desu, for example) from somewhere. I have a few things from the subtitled anime I've watched, but it's only the start of having an actual framework I can build from.


My local library has books in different languages so maybe if you have a library they could also have something.


This post was posted 6 months ago but I have a suggestion if somebody is interested. http://www.pixiv.net <---- in this site you have novels and illustrations about anime. For novel, you can change if you want to read vertical or horizontal text, font and the color of the pages. No dictionary or translation included. The site is in Japanese and English. Recommended for intermediate level students.


I don't suppose any of you know where to find anime in japanese raw with no english subtitles by any chance?


Legal sites?

Crunchyroll. They offer a choice of various language subtitles for most series and also the choice of turning the subtitles off completely. (A small number of the older series have hard subs, which therefore can't be turned off. The vast majority have soft subs, which always give the option for switching the subs off completely even for series that have only one language to choose from.) ^^


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