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  5. "I know how to drive a bus."

"I know how to drive a bus."

Translation:Yo sé manejar un autobús.

March 21, 2018



Why would it not be "se como manejar..."? The other questions in this lesson seem to require the "como" when saying "I know how to..." but this one marked my answer as incorrect when I added the como in there.


Explanation of the difference in use: For general knowledge/ability like knowing how to drive a bus, it's more common to just use "saber" without "cómo". Including "cómo" is more natural when it's more specific knowledge, perhaps knowledge of how to drive a specific bus (credit to Duolingo user Libertad54 for the clear explanation of this usage point in this thread (in Spanish)).


I agree with you. I did the same.


sé cómo manejar un autobús. this is what my answer was, with the accents marks, was not accepted. I have reported it. I think Yo often can be omitted. I am not sure if cómo is necessary. I am going to try.


dose not work. I put in Yo sé CÖMO manejar un autobús. marked wrong. can not use cómo here.


why is "como" not correct in this sentence. Where is the "how" and why would it be assumed?


It's probably actually English that's weird on this point. Between what other verbs do we ever have to use "how to"?

"saber manejar" means "to know how to drive"; incidentally I think it also means "to know to drive" when relevant. In Spanish, context would disambiguate those.


why not conducir?


whycant it be " Yo sabo" ?


because there is no such a thing as "sabo". the conjugation for first persion present is "sé''.


Why not conducir used in mainland Spain


Un isn't necessary here i think. When you say "i'm a student" in Spanish no need to use "un" but here driving a bus... can you drive two buses at the time?


The "un" is necessary here. For example, in English, you would say "I know how to drive A bus," not "I know how to drive bus." It is the same for Spanish in this case.


Why is conozco wrong here? I thought it meant 'am familiar with' which seems like the more appropriate version of 'knowing how to drive' vs knowing a random fact.


Conocer is used when being familiar with places or people. Saber is for knowing facts, how to do things, etc.


why not "yo se (como/que tan) manejar un autobus"? as it is it really means i know driving a bus... not how to drive


why not yo se como


Why not lo sé

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I know how to handle the bus

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