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"Do you understand us? Yes. We understand you."

Translation:cheyaj'a'? HISlaH. reyaj.

March 21, 2018



So, I’m really confused.

What is the difference between che- and ju-? And re- and pI-?


che- You (more than one person) do something to us.

ju- You (one person) do something to us.

re- We do something to you (more than one person).

pI- We do something to you (one person).

In Klingon you always know whether "you" refers to a group or a single person.


And since the English given in this exercise is not clear, but the Klingon you answer with must distinguish, either che-/re- or ju-/pI- will be accepted as translations.


In this particular example, when I did it, it accepted the singular you version of 'you' (ie. juyaj'a? HISlaH. pIyaj). However, I got it WRONG. Still having issue remembering prefixes and I used Duyaj and DIyaj. It gave me a correct mark but with typos. I should have gotten it wrong though.


Duolingo tends to let single letter errors slip as typos. Unfortunately for Klingon those single letters can make a big difference.

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