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"SoSlI' vIlHomDu' rur vIlHomDu'lIj."

Translation:You have your mother's ridges.

March 21, 2018



I put, "Your cranial ridges resemble your mother's cranial ridges.", and was marked wrong. But something tells me that "cranial" is the correct word to use. I think I read it somewhere.


I suppose that works as a translation as well. I have added it now.


I got this wrong about 3 times in a row because it made me put you mother's instead of your mothers in my sentence. Finally typed what it wanted "your ridges resemble you mother's"


Entry typo on our part. Make sure to hit the report button for these things. It makes it easier for us to correct them. But this one has been taken care of.


I typed "you have your mother's forehead ridges" and my answer wasn't accepted. The correct one shown was "You have your mother's ridges." if I'm understanding the connotation correctly the word /vIlHom/ specifically indicates forehead ridges, not any other kind. I double-checked in boQwI' (my usual trusted resource when I don't feel like doing a ton of internet research, which is always) and its exact translation is "forehead ridges."

EDIT 1 - second time around I tried "your ridges resemble your mother's" just for grins, also not accepted. pretty sure I've seen "vavlI' mInDu' rur mInDu'lIj" accept "your eyes resemble your father's" so it should have worked

(EDIT 1.5 - can confirm, just got the vavlI' mInDu' question again)


Yep. We had a few variations, but those two were missing. They've been added now.

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