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"We are ashamed because of the corruption in the country."

Translation:Nouă ne e rușine din cauza corupției din țară.

March 21, 2018



Baa de ce e propozitia asta folosita ca exemplu ecks d


Nici eu nu înțeleg...


Trist dar adrvărat


Știți că puteți modifica răspunsul, nu-i așa?


Why is "ne este rușine din cauza corupției în țară" an accepted answer in the phone app but not the online site? How about consistency!!!


There are two different teams, one working for Web and one for App. This might be the answer.


That has to be the weakest explanation ever. I was a software engineer for over 30 years and I know the intricacies of this type of product, but the database that contains the question and eligible responses show be linked into both the phone and online apps so that they are identical.


It is not the case. If they were linked, you would not have had the problem. If you continue to use both the Web and the App you will see that there are specific sentences (at least for English for Romanian course and French for English). It should be a common database, but it seems it is not the case.

And as I said, it MIGHT be the answer. Come with a better solution and then tell me that it is the worst explanation.


I was making an educated guess as to why there are inconsistencies between the two platforms. As with any complex project, there are many variables that can causes inconsistencies. To fully diagnose the problem, would talk a long time and would require complete access to the software. I'm not interested in fixing any more software at this point in my life.

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