"We speak with your teacher."

Translation:Nous parlons avec ton professeur.

March 21, 2018

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French people, like English people predominantly speak TO each other. "Nous parlons à ton professeur should be accepted.


There is a difference in meaning between to speak to = parler à and to speak with = parler avec. When you speak to someone, they may not reply, but when you speak with someone, it means that they speak too.


I got this answer right with "Nous parlons avec votre enseignant," but shouldn't the preferred answer be "On parle avec ton enseignant," or mine?

I thought a requirement exists for sentences to balance their same plurality, as you use:

Nous verbe préposition Votre enseignant(e)/professeur
On verbe préposition Ton/Ta enseignant(e)/professeur

Although... This could simply just be a preferred/ideal sought style issue (for balanced writing), and not a hardest of hard rules. :)


Is there no female version of professeur?


wordreference.com says the feminine form is rare. It is professeure


DL says enseignante is masculine - reported 17/9/18


Why not votre instead of ton


I know you can say "parlez-moi de quelque chose". With that in mind, why is "nous parlons ton professeur" wrong here, i.e. why is avec (or à for a slightly different meaning) necessary here?

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