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  5. "This is a bad price."

"This is a bad price."

Translation:Este es un mal precio.

March 21, 2018



Why 'un mal precio' and not 'un precio mal'?


".....un precio malO" would be grammatically correct (because "malo" drops its "o" only before a masc. sing. noun). You could try that next time if you can access that sentence again. I don't know, but there may be something about the meaning of this sentence that disallows your suggested word order.


Mal is something called an "apócope" which is when a sound is dropped. In this case "malo" without the o at the end. Also "mal" is being used here as an adjective rather than an adverb. Usually in Spanish the adjective comes after the noun, but if you put "mal" at the end of a sentence it USUALLY changes from adjective to adverb.

Ex (adverb): Este es un precio mal puesto. (This is a price wrongly put) Yo conduzco mal. (I drive badly.) Lo estás haciendo mal. (You're doing it wrong.)

Ex (adjective): La mala suerte. (The bad luck.) El mal hablar no es bueno. (Wrong-talking is not good.)


I tried "un precio malo" and it was rejected.02/02/2019 ..reported it !


Same... It said un malo precio


Just tried "este es un precio malo" and it was accepted! 20/05/2020


Nope, I said "un precio malo" and was marked incorrect.


Why "un mal precio and not "un precio mal"


Some adjectives in Spanish have an exception to the "adjective after the noun" rule. "Mal" is one of them.

You can read more about it here:




I still have trouble with Esto vs Este!! I thought for sure Esto would work since it's the subject here and not next to a noun.


Esto is a demonstrative pronoun, but it is only used to refer to neuter, unknown or abstract concepts (e.g. when there is no specific noun acting as its antecedent so that you would know the gender of the noun).

Este can be either a demonstrative pronoun (this one or this masculine thing) or demonstrative adjective (this masculine noun). Its antecendent or the noun that it modifies, if an adjective, must be masculine.

This refers to a masculine noun (el precio), so you write Este.


I thought that when we're first introducing something that we haven't yet referred to, we could still use esto to introduce it. I think that's been the case in many other examples, or am I mistaken?


Yes, you are right, you are supposed to use that in the way you described. But as the post above said, if you know what the noun is referring to (the price), you should use the masculine demonstrative pronoun (Esto)


Isn't that the case with this example though? We don't know what is a bad price, so wouldnt "esto" be appropriate?


No , because it is the price that is bad not the item that is being priced. So "this" describes the price and so must be" este". i.e. This price is bad


I thought 'es un mal precio' is enough


Me, too -- I gave that answer but it was marked incorrect. Can someone explain why "Es un mal precio" is not a correct translation of "This is a bad price," please? I did not report it because I'm not absolutely certain it's an error. I'd appreciate any light that anyone can shed on this. ¡Gracias!


Rona and Scott, I believe that"Es un mal precio" translates to "IT is a bad price." Spanish has no word for"it". Spanish does have a word for "this". Several, in tact. "Éste" is needed to correctly translate the sentence.


Duo often marks correct answers incorrectly if they are teaching a new rule. In this case, "..mal precio" is the only correct answer because they are teaching that malo/bueno can be put before the noun if you drop the -o. So mal precio is the only correct answer


what makes you think that? if that were the case they should give prior warning. Additionally, why do they later frequently accept what has been reported by the users. it must be that their data base at a particular point in time is incomplete. I would guess this is the case here.


Esto not ok here?


I think it would be este which refers to precio i.e. it could be written - this price is bad. este precio etc. If the sentence read - this is bad it would be esto es etc.


Well, I know that este in refers to precio is correct. My question is whether using esto would also be correct?


No. Because you know that "this" refers to"precio", a masculine singular noun. So you have to use este. However, if gets confusing because if you were referring to "prices", or "precios", you would say "estos" for "these". But "esto" is only used if you don't know the gender of the noun it refers to.


I put mal after precious


Este un precio mal?


You're missing a verb. That sentence means "This a bad price."


Este es un precio mal rejected while la tercera tienda tiene precios muy buenos was accepted???


you cannot have a "bad price" it's a nonsense thing to say


It’s the opposite of a good price

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