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Cancel my decision about crown level

Hi! How can I cancel my decision about crown level. For me the best way to learn was time counter. Now I cant use it...

March 21, 2018


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I also want to cancel my decision


definitely i hated that crown thing too

please undo that feature

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this topic deserves lingots


I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. On the one hand, more practice is better. On the other, it is silly to repeat (and repeat, and repeat... since the test levels appear to all be the same(??)) all the way back to lvl1. Hoping for the shortcut tests soon.

It's funny, I wonder if their stats experts will evaluate the results as resoundingly positive based on the fact that people are making so many points on practice sessions now... failing to recognize that now we get 10 points for 5 or 6 answers instead of 19 or 20, and that we must do 10x as many units to get a gold unit. :-P

Shortcut: we're not necessarily adopting it as much as we are trying to get our gold back.

Edit: That said, I do remain divided. Boredom is bad and more to do is better... but it's more of the same, thus the problem.


Yes well, given another day, I know a bit better how I feel about it.

Having to repeat the same lesson over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over to unlock a level is ridiculous. This is a step backward. From a nearly gold tree to "start all over again at the beginning and trudge through basics" is pretty bad.

If the umpteen lessons were varied, this could be good. But repeating the same questions over and over and... well, you get it... is just sad.

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Do you mean "timed practise" is no longer available in this new system?


As far as I see just for skills with full crowns, or for the global strengthening, that does not give you more crowns.


how do you get to crown level


The first the just like mastering a new skill before, the next ones just by redoing the lessons multiple times.


I don't like system with crown level either and i haven't find the way to cancel it. It seems that there is no UNDO option :-(


I really don't like that it made most of my lessons Level 1, when I have definitely done them several times. So doing the new 20+ lessons of the Basics, doesn't feel like any help to me when I'm a little further down in the lesson tree. It's not really saying you have to reach level 5 with the skills, as Level 1 lets you progress. However, seeing the lessons empty now makes my progress feel like a step back. I guess this just makes the lessons more of a grind. It does bother me seeing that my skills aren't golden anymore, though. Not sure why the fluency is no longer displayed, even though I found it to not be all that accurate. But I guess repetition is the path to mastering a language. Should be adaptable.


You don't have to reach level 5 in the easy skills at the moment, because Duolingo's staff are going to develop a kind of "test out" feature.

You can read in this discussion


I would recommend a type of test, similar to how checkpoints work, where one could test out of needing to do dozens of exercises to reach level 5 in a lesson, and simply reach it by a more advanced test.

The comment of Duolingo's CEO Luis von Ahn:

I agree too! We're working on trying to add this.


This just appeared. I had no choice. There is no documentation so no idea what the "crown levels" are but losing the spaced learning management system looks like a big loss. At a guess the crown numbers mean something ... the proficiency level while inaccurate was a little helpful nudge - a number with no context is so much less. And found a discussion which explains a lot https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26612939/Where-are-the-instructions-for-new-skill-levels-crowns


"...losing the spaced learning management system..."

Source for this? I wasn't aware of this change, if true (and it would be pretty crazy, since it was the foundation of it all, wasn't it?).


It's horrible! I wanted for a long time to make all my skills golden and shining and now my dream is ruined! Please let me undo it!


This new system makes 0% sense. I give it 0 crowns.


please bring back level strength bars so we can see our progress on each level and choose where to progress while still working in parallel with the new automatic system :-)

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