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How did Duolingo determine what crown levels people should be set to?

Previously, my entire tree was golden and my fluency percentage was 71%. As one can see I'm also level 25. Now that my tree is on the crown system, why is it that a skill such as "Basics 2" requires me to answer 350 questions (starting from level 2, going from 2 to 3: 10 practices;3 to 4: 15 practices;4 to 5: 25 practices, each practice consisting of 7 questions) of a nature such as "Les filles sont calmes" to work it back up to golden, quand je pense que je sais ces choses. I understand that the new system is meant to be a motivator, but as a completist with a strong drive for acquiring knowledge in general, a lack of motivation is not a factor for me. So I am curious as to how this determination was made, especially since an advanced learner like myself does not have a single skill preset to higher than level 3?

March 21, 2018



You can read in this discussion


I would recommend a type of test, similar to how checkpoints work, where one could test out of needing to do dozens of exercises to reach level 5 in a lesson, and simply reach it by a more advanced test.

The comment of Duolingo's CEO Luis von Ahn:

I agree too! We're working on trying to add this.


Thank you. That's a far better answer than just continually referring back to the original crowns thread.


please also work on NOT forcing us into this change until you have sorted this problem out-- I have absolutely no interest in getting set back to zero which is what appears to be happening to most of the people who have completed trees and kept current with them for quite some time. That is a pretty undesirable outcome


As a nearly daily user for two years, I'll take a hiatus and you can let me know when you've worked something out.


I looked for a while in that long thread, but didn't see anything specific to answer this particular question. Did I miss it?


I don't believe that you did. The general response that I've seen so far has been either silence or referring back to that thread.


My guess is since the point is to give people who have long finished and golded (a word?) the tree a reason to come back, they capped it at level 3. Maybe someone with more inside knowledge, or just a different guess, can help out!


Thank you for differentiating between 'gilded' and 'gelded'. I can understand how some people might feel gelded when switched over to the Crowns version, though.


You are lucky - I got the "basics" skill at level 1, and I need to answer hundreds of exercises of the level of "le homme, la femme" before I can get this skill to level 5. Wow.

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