"She was doing experiments but she did not understand the results!"

Translation:Ea făcea experimente, dar nu înțelegea rezultatele!

March 21, 2018

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Mine was marked wrong only because I included "ea" in the second clause. Ridiculous!


I agree with Mondori ,Pat733327 and JuliaBarron625 I was also marked wrong for putting "ea" in the second clause. Ridiculous !


Mondori: Especially, since one of the previous translations in this module required "ei" twice (rather than just once).


I agree with Mondori. I put "ea" in the second clause and it was marked wrong. I think it ridiculous, too.


Why can I not say: Făcea experimente dar nu a înțeles rezultatele?

This seems to correspond to the English translation that Duo provides: "She was doing experiments but she did not understand the results!"

Is it because some verbs like "to understand / a înțelege" are only used in the imperfect tense and never in the "Perfect Compus" (i.e. passé composé)? (maybe this is the case with the verbs: to know, to see, to understand)

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"Făcea experimente dar nu a înțeles rezultatele." should be accepted. Please report it.

In the Romanian translation, we can use both the perfect compus and the imperfect.

It is English where a number of verbs are not used in the continuous form ("-ing" ending), among them those mentioned by you. They are called Stative / Non-Continuous / Non-Progressive Verbs. More details on this:




"... ea ..."În enunț este cuvântul"she" !

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