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Supplementary tools/games to learn French

Hey all! I just found this MMO game that has a lot of dialogue and in-game items all translated in French. Uses plenty of complex verb forms too!


Let me know if you find any interesting ways to supplement Duolingo too! I know doing the same thing over and over can be tiresome.

Also! Maybe this belongs to its own thread, but would it be worthwhile for Duolingo to incorporate varied practice/gaming forms into its own set-up, or do something like partner up with an MMO translated into various languages in order to give users a varied experience? Just a thought.

March 21, 2018



I love playing games in French and Spanish. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is my favourite! It has lots of language settings including French, and has lots of great expressions. Starlight Flutter is another great game that has French, Spanish and a few other language settings. I always check in the app store now to see if any games I am interested in have French or Spanish language settings, many do! Some games you can change the language settings in the games itself, which is ideal, whereas for others you have to change the language settings on your device. I just started playing Sims mobile as well, which is really fun but I had to change the language settings of my device to get it to change to Spanish (which was not a bad thing to do anyways, it will change the language of most of your apps and interface). I also like to play word games like word cookies in French! I will try out this farming game it looks fun!


I have a tip for you SliviaSpells! I have noticed you don't captialize the name of languages. Languages are also proper nouns and are captialized. They also can captialize the word they modify.


I love to speak spanish (incorrect) --------> I love to speak Spanish


Yeah, I get lazy about that. They aren’t capitlized in French or Spanish, so I sort of unlearned to capitalize them and I guess it stuck. Fixed now! As an aside, while I am sure your intention is to be helpful, I personally do not like to be corrected upon my spelling/ puntuation unless I specifically ask for input, or unless my meaning is unclear and further clarification is needed. Thankyou!


You're welcome! My English teacher is so serious about those things. He hates when people don't captialize "English". XD


Merci Silvia! Jouer les jeux en français me paraît une methode très interresante d'apprendre le français. J'ai plusieurs amis sur l'internet qui veulent utilizer un petit peu le français qu'ils ont appris, et nous n'avons pas pensé à changer les settings des jeux. C'est vraiment une bonne idée. Je dois définitifment en leur parler.

Merci beaucoup!


I liked the stories in Duolingo for the french site but finished them all. I agree it would be more fun if we have a few different activities as working through the lessons becomes more a slog, especially with this disheartening new crown system. I wish I hadn't clicked on it.


If you want to play games in other languages at least in europe lots of games have language options :) so french, german, spanish etc its really good. Just wanted to add another option here for people :)

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