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  5. "We are not Terrans."

"We are not Terrans."

Translation:tera'nganpu' maHbe'.

March 21, 2018



In the { https://www.duolingo.com/skill/kl/Pronouns/practice } lesson, it says, Select the missing word: tera'nganpu' ____. It is a multiple-choice question, but the capitalization is correct on the wrong answers (all with singular pronouns, e.g. SoHbe') and incorrect on the one plural pronoun (mahbe' with a lower-case h). I realize this may be from the frequently-discussed software errors inherent in Duolingo and thus not correctable for now, but it appears to be a new error that popped up here and in similar sentences, so I clicked on the report button. Also it seems that sometimes the "discuss" button is disabled for such questions. (I am using Windows on my laptop now, but also frequently use Duo on Android, via the browser not the app). Thanks!


The decapitation of the correct answer in those single word multiple choice questions is an old and known issue. We have no knowledge or control about report options available on each exercise. I suggest you report the problems with a bug report:


Thank you (or could one say, {DaboQmo' qatlho'} ?). I submitted a bug report to the link you provided and Duolingo said it was successfully submitted.


I put tera'nganpu' maH'be which should have been marked as a spelling error.


Yes. The Duolingo software is too forgiving of one missed or swapped letter.

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