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"'ey tIr ngogh vutta'bogh vutwI''e'."

Translation:The cook who has baked the bread is delicious.

March 21, 2018



Said by the giant who ate the chef, I suppose?

This might confuse people.


Ah! i should have gone with my instinct... but I found difficult to believe what I was reading


Yes, once bread didn't have a topic marker I totally expected the sentence to end with vIvutta'bogh or something so that the subject noun would be elided so that the bread could be delicious. Apparently not. Klingons do not believe the eating of sentient beings should be avoided.


Just because a Klingon may have said it doesn't mean typical Klingons would find it acceptable. This sentence was added to the course specifically because it defies expectations and so forces you to pay attention to the grammar.


chaq qorvaD 'oH jatlh may-wa'vatlh-wa'maH-cha' yagh

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