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  5. "naDev chaHtaH."

"naDev chaHtaH."

Translation:They are here.

March 22, 2018



What would "Here they are" be?


I can't get a good grasp on the difference between those two sentences in English. Theoretically the sentence you are asking about should mean the same as the translation of this Klingon sentence. And it seems to be a better match for the word order in the Klingon. But, "Here they are," seems to have a special meaning in my mind in English. I would usually interpret that as an exclamation that something which was missing has been found. For that I would be more likely to say vItu'ta' in Klingon.


On the "Power Klingon" audiotape, "here they are" in the sense of "here's what you asked for" was translated by Marc Okrand as {naDev bIHtaH}.


Could this also be translated as "They were here"? That is a temporary but ongoing presence at a place. Or is pronoun+taH only used for present tense?


That sounds like a reasonable translation to me.

-taH just marks aspect, not tense, so it could be talking about someone being somewhere in the past.


+taH but no "now"?


"Now" would usually be translated by DaH and would go at the beginning of the sentence: DaH naDev chaHtaH "Now they are here." -taH doesn't really carry any translated meaning here and is just used because it is indicating the current location of "them".

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