March 22, 2018



I looked back over the lesson notes for Phrases and Basic (the first two lesson blocks) but I couldn't find anything that addresses this.

What is the difference between pong and pong'e'? Both of those pop up as hints when I mouse over "name".


The -'e' suffix does not change the meaning of a noun, but it tags it as the focus or topic of a sentence. It has a special use in pronoun as "to be" sentences, in that it is grammatically required on a stated subject. I believe the other uses are explained in lessons towards the end of the course, and so I'll hold off on explaining for now.


Ah, kind of like the Japanese は, at least in some aspect. Thank you.


Yes. It does have some similarities to the Japanese particle は.


Indeed, studying Japanese has given me the impression that the -'e' suffix is criminally underutilized by Klingon-speakers; it's so handy!

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