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Any way to switch back from the Crown System?

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to Duolingo and I've been trying to learn Japanese. I want to make sure I get Hiragana down before moving on to anything else, so I've been going and doing the strengthening exercises a few times a day and redoing any particular lessons with characters that gave me a hard time.

With the switch to the Crown System, I can no longer perform strengthening exercises and it seems I have to individually go through lessons one-by-one to find the one I need under each level.

Is there any way to revert the Crown System? Would making a brand new account work?


March 22, 2018



I don't think there is a way to go back currently. I don't have the crown system so I have no idea how you would change it back or if you even can. But I don't think making a new account would help. What might be best for you is to go on tinycards or another source to learn the hiragana.


I second this. I learned hiragana from tinycards, too.


Just a FYI, On my old Samsung S4 (i9505) I downloaded the Duolingo app last week and the crowns seem to still working on that. It seems as they want you to move to the tiny cards. Just my 2 cents.


Try to use (if you have windows 10 or a windows phone) get it from the Microsoft store they don't update things very often and my phone hasn't updated since 2015 despite other updates working.

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