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Mijn naam is vs Ik heet

What would be more appropriate when introducing yourself to someone in Dutch? I’ve seen both from different sources.

March 22, 2018



Either. Arguably ik heet is more common.

March 22, 2018


You can use both, but I think you'll use 'Ik heet' more.

March 23, 2018


In order of most commonly used (IMO), while shaking hands, you say:

a) "Hallo, [Your Name]." Formal, before business meetings or slightly informal. b) "Hallo/Hoi, ik ben [Your Name]." Slightly formal or informal: parties, pubs, introducing between friends. c) "Hallo, mijn naam is [Your Name]." Usually when introducing in a group, one by one.

I never use "Ik heet" and can't remember when I heard it the last time. I think young children use it and you can use it in groups when you introduce yourself, the same as in c).

March 22, 2018


Same. When I'm writing, chatting, ... I tend to use 'ik heet' but I almost always use 'ik ben (naam)' when I'm in an informal situation, and so do most people I know.

March 28, 2018
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